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  1. Default Want to be lean/Testosterone Increase

    Sorry for the long background story
    So recently I been changing my lifestyle and I seem to hit a rock.
    my life style change

    It seems that what I thought I can get rid of but I am unable to.
    The problem I am having is man boobs.
    I looked at old pictures and I see that I been having them since I was 13.
    When I was a teenager I read that it is part of growing and it will go away... and it didn't.
    Due to having a lazy life style right after high school I don't think I helped it go away. But now being 22 it is still here.
    So I decided to go and do Cardio/Chest
    Doing Cardio/Chest workout for 2 months I lost weight (222lbs to 190lbs / 100Kg to 86Kg) and lost inches in the belt (38" to 36" / 96.5cm to 91.4cm) I see no reduction in the boob area.

    So I did a bit of Google and YouTube search and I saw a video
    I am not sure if what he is saying is true or not, but I might have high estrogen due to that my parents are vegetarians and they been feeding me soy products. So right now the odds are really against me. But due to having this life style change I don't really eat soy products anymore, if my mom makes me lunch (she does sometimes due to busy schedule) she usually do give me soy burgers or tofu.

    So I did more research and did looked at how to increase Testosterone. (Google search)
    I see that I do most of the things that is already listed but I don't take many vitamins.
    Right now I only take vitamin D, I am tanned and I live in Canada, so I am lacking vitamin D already and not being an outdoor person for the last few years I decided to take it because I need the sun. But I also see that vitamin D can help increase testosterone.

    I also did more research and saw that Zinc reduces estrogen.
    But every time I try doing research about Zinc I can't find a reliable source, every time I go on a webpage it seems that they are selling me these Zinc stuff, when I can just go to the pharmacy store and get Zinc.
    Google Search: what does zinc do
    Google Search: zinc testosterone
    Google Search: zinc testosterone study

    I even did a wikipedia search and did Find (Ctrl+F) and search for Testosterone and can't find anything.

    Or should I just get multi-vitamin for men and hope it has everything I need.

    So anyone has any tip or anything suggestions?
    Am I doing right thing?
    Should I take Zinc?

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    I'd recommend you to see a medic nutritionist to get advice on how to change your diet and/or physical work to achieve what you want. I don't think anyone on Southperry is an expert on the subject.

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    You have to be all around in your workout for you to gain or change anything. You can't just do chest muscles and hope your body will change. You have to do arm and leg workouts also. You can do less of them but you can't simply just ignore them.

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    What's your height? I'm shipping out to boot camp in just over a week, and the absolute maximum weight for my height range (I'm 5"10) is 186 lbs.

    Try losing more weight. Before boot camp, what I try to do is at least 70-80 push-ups and sit-ups a day while doing around a mile and a half jog every other day.

    You could try to increase your testosterone levels by watching more porn . Seriously though, eat more meat, drink milk, lay off the soy, and continue your work out. You'll get there. It just takes longer than 2 months.

    do lots of push ups. To the point where you can do around 60-70 in a 2 minute time frame.

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    Default Re: Want to be lean/Testosterone Increase

    I don't think building chest muscles is the way to get rid of chest fat.
    If anything, it's going to make your boobs seem bigger.

    You can't lose fat in a targeted area, you need to lose fat all over and hope the boobs go first.
    And yeah, get rid of the soy and whatever else might have elevated estrogen levels (some milk does too, for example).
    I second the recommendation to see a nutritionist, and possibly an endocrine expert if you really think your hormones are unbalanced.

    Good luck.

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    man, if the soy thing is true then that explains alooottt

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    Well for the workout overall, I used to get tired on the legs from running to do leg workouts.
    I guess I should add that in my workout.

    As for a nutritionist... I have to see if I know someone who knows someone.
    Do they cost a lot?

    I am also 5'10

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    Default Re: Want to be lean/Testosterone Increase

    If you're looking to lose fat, try taking up swimming. It's a full body workout, so you'll exercise almost all your muscles. Eat fiber to reduce carbohydrate intake, try to avoid food with HFCS (Fructose is terrible for your body). Definitely do not drink sodas/juice - stick to pure water. You take in an incredible amount of sugar via sweet drinks.

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    Okay, working out your pecks in your current state is going to make muscle where your fat reserves are, so you'll have huge pecks essentially. You can work out to cut weight first then when you get lean/whatever then work on building muscles then working on toning muscle. It's a long ass process.



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