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    Default Maple Story 3DS coming!

    In the middle term of last year, Nexon mobile looked for a developer for 3DS games, well this is now confirmed that maple Story 3DS is coming (Nexon corea confirm it). Source Spanish.

    So yeah guys Maple Story 3DS is coming, maybe this is related to all the maple story 2 thing we saw in other news, there are only speculations about it, maybe it'll have online, DLC or i'll be like maple story ds.

    Edit: Confirming it English

  2. Water
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    Default Re: Maple Story 3DS coming!

    Yay, more games for my 3DS. Now if it's good or not:o

  3. Default Re: Maple Story 3DS coming!

    3DS is region locked, unfortunately (unlike all previous gameboys that weren't). If they release it in just Korean market, we won't be able to play it on our USA 3DS. I enjoyed the DS game, myself, even though I couldn't understand a lick of Korean.

  4. Polar Bear Gay Male
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    Default Re: Maple Story 3DS coming!

    as far we can get more vocal songs I'm fine

    I don't like the 3ds so much but I'm totally interested on it... I really like maplestory related games

    but since it's a console release title I think it will be a remake of maplestory ds

    like japan did with a crayon shin-chan game

  5. Default Re: Maple Story 3DS coming!

    Siliconera had a post on it as well:

    Personally, the gameplay for the DS version unimpressed me. I'll stick to my Nintendo franchises and Tales of the Abyss until I see actual footage.



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