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  1. Default Memory Lane Quest

    I was bored, and trying to finish up some quests on my CB.
    I got to the part where you have to kill dodo and then after that talk to that trainer dude.

    He wants me to go back to where it all started.
    I went to:
    a.) Thief lord in kerning
    b.) Thief dude in El Nath
    c.) The monk who offers all the ToT quests

    Derp, I cant seem to finish the quest.
    It's not a huge deal (for getting places - cause I have a hyper teleport rock), but I would still like to complete quests cause I'm a little OCD :P!

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    Default Re: Memory Lane Quest

    should have been the thief lord though, from what i remember.

  3. Default Re: Memory Lane Quest

    Correct. Dark Lord should have the quest if you are a NL, Shad or DB.

  4. Default Re: Memory Lane Quest

    When I got to that one this time around, for some reason that quest hadn't been reset so it just said "oh you're done". So it may not be needed...

  5. Default Re: Memory Lane Quest

    Strange, after reading Stereo's post - I reset my quest (forfeit/re-accepted).
    After that, I tele'd to the nightlord and this time he had the bubble over his head.

    Confused, but glad that it works.
    Now to grind on to finish ToT/start FE quests D:



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