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Thread: "KONY 2012"

  1. Default "KONY 2012"

    The Kony 2012 website

    It's starting to trend on Twitter and I've seen a few shares on Facebook already.

    Edit: here's a video that summarises the whole escapade fairly well I feel:
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    Default Re: KONY 2012

    man, who knows what other atrocities have gone past the majority of society unnoticed. =[

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    Watched about an hour ago, then had my older sister watch. Buncha smegas in Scania spreading the video, hope more people notice and share it.

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    This was being spammed on ponychan today too. Seems to be a little bit everywhere. Equestria Daily too.

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    Well that's the entire point of the video isn't it. If it wasn't everywhere, the plan would be failing.

    Here's to hoping it'll spread even more.

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    Only 165k views

    I am disapoint

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    Venting about this here because I don't care about backlash here.

    Where the hell has everyone been? I mean seriously? It takes one well-coordinated global viral campaign to turn this into a fad and get everyone to actually give a pomegranate?

    These atrocities, this human rights horror that is the Invisible Children - this is all nothing new. This has been an issue in Uganda for over a decade, something widely discussed year in and year out by the media and human rights organizations. Why the hell are people just figuring out about this now?

    Ultimately I'm glad to see a global outpouring of support, both financially and in raising awareness, but I fear many are hopping on the bandwagon because it's become a fad. "OMG RIHANNA TWEETED TO VISIT INVISIBLECHILDREN.COM I'VE GOTTA GO THERE! #KONY2012 EVERYONE LET'S SAVE THE WORLD!"

    No. You're not saving the world, you're solving a major political issue that has plagued central region of the African continent for a decade. That's wonderful, but your help would have been a lot more useful years ago.


    Watch something like this happen for climate change in 2020 when Indonesia goes underwater via rising sea levels. Once again, would have been useful 40 years earlier.

    People just don't get it.

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    I find it hard to belive that people don't know about this type of things but it seems to be true, hell you don't have to know exactly what is going on there to know that half Africa is overrun by this type of people and what do the goverments do? Throw some food from an airplane and hope for the best.

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    Youtube does not update views. It has over double the viewcount in likes.

    And yeah, people have known about this for years, but without something like this, apathy will overcome any motivation. At the end of the day, who cares what some spoiled kids hopping on a bandwagon think, as long as it gets the job done.

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    Why do you think this wasn't known before now?

    This isn't anything new, sure, and neither are other atrocities taking place around the world. We can't all know what happens in every inch of this planet at all times. What you should care about is that the word is actually out now rather than assume it's just a ''fad''. We can't know about things that don't exist to us. I didn't know about this until yesterday, personally, so does that make me a bad person? Of course not as I had no way of knowing these things were even happening as they were never spoken of for me to hear. Same goes for many others.

    What were YOU doing all this time if you knew about this already? Were you spreading the word long before this? In the position you're in there is no way for us to know whether you were or not, but I ask so that you can ask yourself.

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    Seems you didn't read that second paragraph.

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    Didn't watch the video yet, but I did see TotalBiscuit post about it in facebook saying its a load of crap


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    I'd just like to repost Cynical Brit's facebook post about this:


    pineapple you Rusty posting it a minute before I did. :(

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    Wasn't this tried last year? Invisible children sound's familiar.

    Edit: Yeah this BS, man why the fk are we so concerned about other countries when we can't maintain our own. We're not the superhero's in the world, let's stop pretending.

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    This is why people should get all the facts before blindly supporting something.

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    pineappleing hipsters and bandwagoners. The US already IS involved, we've got a small military presence there as advisors. This isn't like the Haiti earthquake, where the general public could actually do some good by donating $5.00 via their phone bills, etc - He's a criminal and needs to be dealt with by Ugandan law enforcement/military for there to be any legitimacy in how it's handled. The issue has been ongoing for years, you're not on the cutting edge of human rights activism because you're retweeting the same damned thing everyone else is.

  17. Default


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    Default Re: KONY 2012

    I find those who make an effort to educate people's good intentions much more useful than just condemning them. That's all I have to say.

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    Pardon me if I take offense at people making a fad out of a serious problem, especially one that some of my fellow servicemembers are actively involved in correcting. Slogans and posters don't do anything but irritate people - you're more likely to make a problem be taken LESS seriously by trying to make a campaign/protest out of it (re: Occupy Wallstreet).

    See: growing backlash from people sick of seeing this all over social networks/forum sites.

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    Wikipedia on Kony. Apparently he uses the funds from "Invisible Children" to raise his own army in Uganda.

    Quote from the wikipedia - "The LRA say that God has sent spirits to communicate this mission directly to Kony"

    so Kony claims that God has told him to raise this army. Oh religion you so funny



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