Hello Windians,

Windia's New Sensation - Typical - Guild is recruiting new members!

We're looking for friendly Maplers in Windia to join our guild and have a great time.
We don't have a set schedule, but we actively do guild events to help get members together more.
Our goal is to bring friendly Maplers together now that the Big Bang has scattered the Maple population around.

You can also check out our website to get to know more about our guild: http://www.TypicalWindia.com

So how do you join? Please contact our guild leaders: PojoTheBucc, noofnoof1, Raymuhn, or (Me) Frostilite.
We have some requirements: You must be very friendly, active, and at least Lvl 100 to join to the guild.
In return we'll be friendly to you as well and make sure you have an awesome time while being in our guild.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to seeing you in Windia!
Lets revive Windia to the wonderful and friendly place it once was~