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Thread: Pirate Revamp

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    So, after the pirate revamp, will pirates, (Specifically Corsairs) be better or worse? I'm just wondering cause I'm thinking of making one... and there arent many videos that cover the revamp too well... so thank you

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    They stay pretty much the same, except that their play style changes a in the sense that you won't be using your Battleship so you will be more agile all around.

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    Better or Worse is just an opinion. They will be Different is all. Corsairs lose the battleship and thus they are completely different.

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    Would you recommend still playing a Sair even without Battleship? I've never had anything above a Viper so I wouldn't know...

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    To be honest, I like sairs better now. They actually resemble what I expected from a gunslinger class before it was released. The battleship was cool and all, but now it seems they're more like actual gunslingers and less like pirate captains.

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    Buccaneers get closer to true DPS classes, but not quite there. However, the damage they can do to mobs seem absolutely monstrous.

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    Yes, I would recommend playing them, they are still very fun to play.

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    Thanks, I'm making one :P

    Err... I know this isnt the place but... is there a pirate guide here on SP?

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    Captains are stronger, vipers are significantly stronger.

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    The Pirate class is also more balanced overall; Captains are good at 1v1 and small clusters of monsters, while Vipers destroy large groups.

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    So captain is... slinger I presume... and Viper is Brawler...

    1v1 is alright for me I guess, since I'll probably only boss once I hit the higher levels...

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    Captains and what you gain:
    Mobility -
    1) Constant use of Recoil and Wings without hassle.
    2) Wings becomes a high-jump skill, increased vertical mobility.

    Bullet Management -
    Infinite Bullet - Soul Arrow for Bullets

    Increased damage -
    1) Increased critical rate; 55% base with Critical Roar and Full Metal Jacket, 65% with Valerie summoned, 70% with Lucky Dice 4, 80% with Lucky Dice 4 and Valerie summoned.
    2) Increased single target damage; 400% per hit (330% Rapid Fire/70% Captain's Dignity Final Attack) at 8 hits per second.
    3) Increased mob damage: 590% per hit at 4 hits per mob (6 mobs).
    4) Increased attack buffs; Hollow Point Bullets (+30), Crew Commandership (+30), Pirate Style(+10%).
    5) Increased mastery; 85% mastery total.

    Slight Durability Increases -
    1) 60% Stance effect
    2) Passive 600HP/MP and +30% DEF/M.DEF from Valkyrie Patience.
    3) +10% total HP/MP increase when Jack is summoned.

    More active play style -
    You retain the fast, mobile play style that gunslingers use from 1st to 3rd job.

    Attack speed -
    Rapid Fire is much faster than Cannon.

    Captains and what you lose:
    Status Effects -
    1) No DoT from Flamethrower
    2) No freeze from Cooling Effect
    3) No stun from Fake Shot

    Range -
    1) Rapid Fire's range is 50px shorter than Cannon.
    2) Fusillade's Range is 50px shorter than Torpedo.

    Summon attack usefulness -
    1) Octopus Quarterdeck is weak.
    2) Assemble Crew is used more for their active-upon-summoning buffs rather than their damage.

    Attack speed -
    Fusillade is much slower than Torpedo

    Stationary turret play style -
    New captains demand a more involved player, so you can't just stand like a turret with battleship anymore.

    Still as bad as ever.

    You gain more than you lose, but that's dependent on how the player likes it I assume.
    If there's anything else you want to know, tap this post with a @.

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    @Baklava Thanks a ton! Can you explain what Fusillade is?

    And... Jack summon? Is that like a buff or can you actually summon the pirate, Jack, from the nautilus? Thanks for the insight, more excited than ever now. Really appreciate it. I don't like turret play anyways :P I wonder what wings will be, like flash jump?

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    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
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    @Baklava So can we get a recap on Vipers well-being, if you may?

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    Nope. I don't have a Viper so I'm not really keen on their new skills and stuff.

    You summon Jack from Nautilus. 3rd Job Assemble Crew skill summons 1 of 3 Nautilus Crew members and each one gives you a specific buff after you've gotten the 4th Job Crew Commandership skill. Valerie - 10% Critical Rate; Muirhat - 10% Critical Damage; Jack - 10% HP/MP +10 Speed.

    Wings is like a Cannon Shooter's Cannon Jump.

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    Thanks thanks, so what's Fussilade?

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    Fusillade is basically an octopus that comes up and shoots up to 6 enemies for 4x590% damage. Your best mobbing move once you get into 4th job. Not a summon.

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    Copying same style baklava used.

    Buccaneers and what you gain:
    Mobility -
    1) Increased speed and jump cap, 160 movement speed vs previous 140, 132 (?) jump vs 123. (not entirely sure if maximum jump is increased or if it's just +10 jump, description is misleading)
    2) Basically can reach speed cap on demand.
    3) Significantly faster movement speed when monsters are available through spiral/d.spiral, compared to spiral/jump blast technique now.

    Otherwise no real movement benefits.

    Invincibility -
    1) Somersault kick provides roughly 6.6/10ths of a second of invincibility frames, not entirely sure if it's the full faster (2) cast time that provides iframes or if it's the extremely short window between casts
    2) Constant invincibility through spiral/d.spiral. Possible iframe infinite when a monster is cornered through the use of spiral/ssk, useful for stalling tactics in pot cooldown with small dps against mobs that do not damage reflect. Needs more testing.

    Increased damage -
    1) Increased critical rate; 40% base with Critical Roar and critical rage, 55% with Lucky Dice 4, 60% against bosses, 75% against bosses with dice 4.
    2) Increased critical damage; +20% minimum critical damage. All crits do 1.5x damage. Critical damage becomes way more effective when bossing compared to literally every other class, so try and get it on your gloves and bind decSE while you can.
    3) Increased single target damage; 250% per hit at ~11 hits per second.
    4) Increased mob damage: 550% per hit at 4 hits per mob (10 mobs) and 700% per hit at 2 hits per mob (6 mobs)
    5) Increased attack buffs; Mental clarity (+30), Energy charge (+30), Viperisation(+15%).
    6) Increased mastery; 90% mastery total.
    7) Increased effectiveness against high PDR; Guard crush, 40% chance to ignore 100% PDR.
    8) Can still use russellon's potions for constant pirate's revenge. (+15% damage)

    Great Durability Increases -
    1) 30% status resistance and elemental resistance
    2) Willow defense, 20% reduction in all damage including 1/1. Taking 1/1 with russellon potion active will no longer OHKO you. (THIS IS HUGE)
    3) 100% stance on demand.

    Attack speed -
    Fist enrage is at least 3x as fast as demolition and barrage

    Buccaneers and what you lose:

    Range -
    Fist enrage's range is roughly 3x shorter than demolition. It's pitiful.

    Attack speed -
    Energy laser is much slower than dragon strike. But it's so much stronger so who gives a f'uck.

    Graceful play style -
    New buccs demand a more creative player, so you use your skills to stay on the target's hitbox and predict when to use SSK efficiently. (assuming you care)

    Ultimates -
    I guess that's a skill you could have had that would actually be useful.

    Buffs -
    You have more of them. Dispel becomes more annoying. (regardless of it previously taking away transform benefits)

    Benefits -
    Critical rage makes critical rate bonuses extremely more insignificant than it already was when bossing, and guard crush makes PDR ignore from potential and codex insignificant.
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    Here's a video of it just so you know what it's like:

    Yes, it's @Killmeplsok 's video.

    Also, the one problem with the new wings is that the cannon jump can't be used in midair, so you lose out on a LOT of height that way.

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