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  1. Default Boss Damage vs. Ignore Def

    I might move this to Game Mechanics once I make this better and make sure it's all correct, but I want to see if what I've done so far is correct.

    Formulas used

    Everything uses 100~100 damage range so you'll always hit 100. Calculated damage shows you a %change due to enemy PDR. Enemy PDR is given at 50% and 70% as those are the 2 most common PDRs you find for bosses. i believe for anything less than 50%, boss damage is always superior but in those cases, if you are reading this thread, your damage is probably high enough that those types of bosses don't matter.

    Ignore def calculations

    Total ignore def is additive

    Ambition ignore def is treated as 0% at all times. Ambition ignore def should be considered if your two numbers for boss vs ignore are relatively close to one another.

    There is no cap for ignore def except for 100% ignore def: I heard rumors there's a 50% cap or something, can anyone confirm/deny?

    [(ignore * PDR) * dmg] + [dmg * (1 - PDR)]

    Could be simplified by distributing out "dmg"

    Spear = 20% ignore def and is additive: Can someone see if this is really true or if it's -20% like the skill description reads e.g. legendary spear on a 70% PDR empress would drop her PDR to 50%

    Boss damage calculations

    Total boss damage is additive

    Stuff like DS skill link, etc do not matter as they effect both equally i.e. if you are seeing if A > B and you do 1.1 * A > 1.1 * B, you still end up testing A > B

    (1+boss%) * (1-PDR) * dmg

    Calculating other sources of ignore def for other classes e.g. Hero

    Simply change the %ignore to match your real total ignore def

    Calculating in Defense Break for Mercedes

    Assuming it's max level (20) or with decent CO (21)

    break = (2 * skill level)% i.e. 40% and 42% for the above cases respectively

    modified damage refers to the damage you deal based on ignore def, boss dmg, and PDR. These numbers are in columns G and H of the above chart

    (1-break) * (modified damage) + (break) * dmg

    Conclusion for Mercedes

    Boss damage is always better than ignore def if

    - max defense break (or X defense break)
    - legendary spear + leafre codex is active

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    Default Re: Boss Damage vs. Ignore Def

    i'd say 10% ignore from ambition is pretty big, when going against big bosses like empress and such (7% defense ignored)

    afaik, there's no cap for ignore% (bar 100%), haven't seen any demon slayers complain about that, and they have 80% ignore passive (max with leafre set)

    afaik, if a boss has under 50% PDR, boss damage inmediately becomes the recommended choice, say:
    (100% ignore pdr/boss)

    (10% ignore pdr/boss)

    which makes having 30% ignorePDR (from the leafre set, or skill+ambition) enough to make boss damage better at every boss in the game, since 70% after 30ignore is 49% defense.



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