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Thread: Trespass Bill

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    No other word can describe this.

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    Oh wow, that's just horrible. We might be seeing a new wave of authoritarian government soon.

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    Russia today? So Americans now have to get unbiased reports on what their government is up to from foreign sources.
    Did a quick google; on first page I didn't see any news agency I've ever heard of that thinks this is worth mentioning.
    What is even more scarey than the legislation itself is that only 3 representatives though to vote against it, or in other words, 99% of the House of Representatives is in favor of increased authoritarianism in your country.

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    I stopped using American news sources a while ago, I just use BBC, Reuters, and Al Jazeera. Or honestly /pol/.

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    Allegedly this is just a re-wording of a legislation that has been in effect for a while now.

    I don't claim to be an expert on the matter or anything, just appeared to be the only "counter-argument" anyone had against the wall of "HELLO NAZI AMERICA" in the article comments. Probably a huge mistake reading such comments at all.

    anyway, obligatory lolamerica, lolfreedom, etc

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    Oh look, politicians passing passing pointless legislation that makes things that should be legal illegal.



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