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Thread: Angelic Twins!

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    I swear one of them is a dude...

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    i came here expecting to see two lesbians.
    realized too late this isn't miek, but aslemn.
    eating bleach now.

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    Knowing the pomegranate posted by Aslemn here lately, I am not the least bit surprised. Still, it gave me a good laugh. Good work as always, Aslemn!

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    Yeah Aslemn... thats interesting, but after seeing that I no longer will need a ABR...

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    Lmao this great i love your weird art

    in other news Anslemn stops lesbian fantasies for all humans everywhere.

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    always a pleasure to see your eccentric work aslemn! hehe

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    I get the feeling that there is something missing from this picture, but i can't think of what.

    It's awesome regardless, love all your work Aslemn, especially the funnies.

    Why does the one on the right remind me of Holly Willoughby?



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