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Thread: [News] NEXON Invests in JCE

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    Why is this even notified lol

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    Nexon's just stickin their greedy hands in everyone's pockets it seems. If they go down they're gunna take as many companies as possible with them lol.

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    Because it is news and it has to do with Nexon. Notify checks for the whole web for Nexon or Maple related news, not only game notices and events.

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    In case you meant why did nexon send a business wire:
    Because substantial investments affect control of the company and are of interest to investors. Also if Nexon had not included their stock under equity method in previously they will probably be required to at this point because they will have significant influence over the company (largest minority interest). Since this could be a material difference in Nexon's financial statements it should be announced.

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    Maybe they can merge their customer service branches... assuming JCE has good customer satisfaction :p


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    "Powerful global operations" my ass.

    What in the hell are they talking about with, "live service"?



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