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  1. Default Problem with fusing

    Hi guys,

    So I've been scrolling some empress gears and sometimes when I try to fuse failed ones together, I get a popup saying "Item is already in the extractor.". Anyone know how to fix this?

  2. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    I'm not though. I bought two empress thief capes from a shop and tried fusing the two failed ones together. Isn't working. Works for other empress gears though.

  3. Helium Atom Straight Male
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    Default Re: Problem with fusing

    I'm wondering if the cape is possibly duped.

  4. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    I think I heard somewhere that you can't fuse items if they were duped. When you think about it like that, it's no surprise that the extractor will say "item is already in the extractor" or whatever.

  5. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    It would be pretty funny, because that would confirm equips have unique item IDs. This would make Nexon look pretty stupid because they don't just delete all items with identical IDs

  6. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    If anyone has some DOT VSS, they could just test this theory. Since I highly doubt the capes have the exact same stats after chaos'd, the problem exists even with varying stats so people could just see if they could put 2 of the same VSS together.

    Usually when i have a problem with fusing, it's due to lack of alchemist stones or my alchemy level is too low. I think those generate different popups though.

  7. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    Of course, this gives the hackers a way to whitewash their duped items... they just need 2 source items, and they can fuse the dupes of them to get new (unique id) ones. Doesn't help for scrolled stuff, but it's probably why all the empress equips are fused stuff.

  8. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    I think they do fusing for 2 reasons

    - They chaos something and it turns out bad, they they fuse failed attempts
    - Fusing an average empress dualbow makes it possible to get one that is above average. I believe the only legit 1 (not sure how many unique ones there are but only 1 wouldn't be a bad assumption) was average stat.

  9. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    That would imply there's something else changing the itemids to make them unique again, otherwise the duped capes could just be fused straight off the bat. Don't know what that would be, possibilities are putting them in storage/mts, server changing, etc. all the little tricks that have screwed up items in the past.

  10. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    Looks like they are duped. Though I have no idea why someone would dupe clean capes....
    Tested it with several overduped items (VSS, earrings, racc masks) and the same popup came up. Thanks for the help, everyone!

  11. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    You can start raging now. *points to above*

  12. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    Server: Windia
    Job: Demon Slayer
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    Default Re: Problem with fusing

    If this is true, how/why is the 140 DBG crafted by karma?
    I doubt that he actually had two unique ones and fused them.
    Also, I think world transferring resets the item id, which is why there were those potential/enhance problems.

  13. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    Mabye he actually got 2 somehow?
    Then duped them, and fused the 2 "different".

    World transferring resetting IDs could explain why Nexon didn't delete all items.

  14. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    lf> SSes, proof and other good information that would verify anything Thomas is saying.

  15. Water Gay Male
    IGN: Scenarey
    Server: Arcania
    Level: 146
    Job: Mercedes
    Guild: Destiny
    Alliance: Providence

    Default Re: Problem with fusing

    I would LOL if they actually had unique item ids this whole time, and they weren't being used properly.

  16. Default Re: Problem with fusing


    Looks like individual items have individual item IDs.

  17. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    Its so much easier to put a list of all the instances of a duped item onto a wall and let the Customer Service Supervisor (Senor Paul the Half-Brained monkey) throw darts. Whatever the dart lands on gets deleted, but not all the instances of the item.

  18. Default Re: Problem with fusing

    Woahh... I thought Empress was unkillable in GMS?

  19. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: Problem with fusing

    she is, her knights however, aren't.



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