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  1. Default 84th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars)

    Didn't see a thread for it so...

    Who's gonna win best picture? Best actor/actress in a leading role? Discuss!

  2. Default Re: 84th Anual Academy Awards (Oscars)

    I haven't seen many movies this year, but of the ones I have seen I thought Hugo was the best.

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    Me neither. I have high hopes for Midnight in Paris, Hugo, and The Artist tonight.

    I'm disappointed with the nominees for "Best Original Song", though. There were only two damn nominees, the song from Rio and the song from Muppets. The Golden Globes had more than this, and worse yet, both of them snubbed Captain America's awesome original song.

    Seriously, it's well composed, enjoyable, and a really nicely done song. I have no idea why this wasn't considered anywhere, because to me, it was the only standout good thing from Captain America- and that one thing was really good.

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    Default Re: 84th Anual Academy Awards (Oscars)

    lmfao thats gold



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