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Thread: What now?

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    Well, I've finally quit MS.
    Just stopped being very interesting.
    Now, I'm wondering what you guys recommend me to play.
    Preferably free.

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    hmmmm, free you could pay TF2 or LoL. Dragon nest or elsword. There are plenty.

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    Yeah, I know there are a ton.
    I just want to know what you guys think is good.

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    If you want to stay with the 2D style, try LaTale.

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    I can give you the same advice Rob gave me when I stopped playing Maple:

    Two lists of games that are highly recommended, one is for freeware games and the other for paying games.
    I've gone through a lot of both lists and they are generally very good and worth it.

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    dragon nest is pretty fun and you can get by pretty well without NX if you're good at merching.

    There's also a lot of SP people who play it.

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    DN is one of the better free to plays.

    LT is a decent 2D, but the endgame is atrocious. Trust me, I played it for almost 2 years, there are very few games that are more gear and grind dependent. LTs grind even WITH the absurd 1000%+ EXP buffs from cash shop exp booster stacking is insane; you can get 1-180 in a day with that pomegranate with the proper gear, and 180-193 on the next, then you will be spending a month on 194, 2 months on 195, and half a year or more of grinding 24/7 each for 196 and above. I don't even know that 199-200 is humanly possible, as in, I'm not sure there is enough time in a person's lifespan to reach it, unless they nerfed the exp requirement to an unbelievable extent since I last checked.

    Yeah, I'm checking rankings on the US version, which has the most exp buffs, and here are the comparisons you should keep in mind; this IS in overall exp by the way, and every level monsters give a ton less exp when you are even 5 levels over them...and everyone in the 19x range is way over almost everything.

    1 h0lliSt3r Strider 199 4,888,638,554,637
    12 TwinRhapsody Strider 198 1,283,696,379,183
    742 Wolf Strider 193 58,723,057,600

    Keep in mind it took me 2 years to get to 187, which is only a fraction of the exp for 193, but I didn't use any exp buffs. The game massively favors cash shop users.

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    Kinda thread hijack, after I found out lineage II went F2P I've been thinking of quiting maple for it (loved it since first day I looked at it but couldn't pay it), is it worth it (as in, are there too many annoying stuff like hackers)?

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    Nothing wrong with MMOs if you have the right mentality. "It's temporary, I'll play until it starts sucking then I'll leave". Of course, it requires good self control and awareness of when a game stops being fun for you. I'm just playing random stuff whenever I want and ignoring/avoiding any form of commitment when it comes to games, these days.

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    I don't mean to imply that there's anything wrong with MMOs in general. I'm personally playing Spiral Knights these days. However, quitting one MMO just means you've opened up a lot of time in your schedule. Diving straight into another one, looking for that thrill you got when you first started playing you first one, is a very common thing to do. It's just not a good way to go.

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    Welp, there goes my year.

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    Try out DFO. There's a pretty big SP community there.

    LoL is very fun too.

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    You're welcome. It's an awesome wiki.

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    DotA2 if you can get a key trough the survey, for me that is an endless source of amusement.

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    DFO or LoL if you want to play with Southperryans.



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