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  1. Default The wrath of Hilla.

    More likely a test if i still remember something about human anatomy. D:
    It's been years since i've drawn something that wasn't real in human shape, this was all i could do. Sorry for any anatomy mistakes. Done on SAI, on about two hours. :>

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    This is gorgeous Aslemn.

    Critique time:

    -Right breast is slightly lower than the left, and slightly smaller. (then again that can be due to clothing)

    -Right arm is like a twig.


    >done for now<

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    Default Re: The wrath of Hilla.

    You can barely see her eyes. =/ thats the only problem I have with the drawing besides that, nice drawing.

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    Default Re: The wrath of Hilla.

    It needed to be more sexy. But it's still awesome.

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    I half expected this to be of a dominatrix with a whip. >.>

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    Does sai let you view the process of how you draw? Or was that openCanvas and/or something else that isn't Oekaki based. Watching how people do things is always coooooool. 'A'
    ADDING ON because you think I am decent with anatomy.

    • It looks like she's going to fall over. I can't clearly see where her weight is. Boring pose, but kinda good to use if you're figuring out anatomy.
    • The torso confuses me. I think either her ribcage is too short or her pelvis is too tall.
    • Her breasts are sitting really far up, but lots of fantasy drawings are like this and I've never drawn someone with a push-up bra.
    • Watch how the shoulders connect to the ribcage. The shoulder joint and how the leg connects to the pelvis are the most difficult things if you're looking at structure. [[ the forearm is weird too because of how it swivels. ]]
    • Arms are way too long. I can only guess where the elbow is, but I think it's the forearms that need to be shortened.
    • I'm going to leave the face alone.

    I haven't seen a lot of your work, but you should do more life drawings if you draw humanoid things a lot. Whether they're monstrous or chibified, they're all similar to the real deal. If you're really trying to remember human anatomy, forget about things like clothes and hair for a while. Yay, nudity!

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    Sadly, SAI doesn't allow me to see the process :(
    I've messed up many things in her torso while i was shading. Although i couldn't provide the process, i still have the first sketches, and a picture of just how it looked before i added the heavy shading and the background. This was just a test, that's why i just wanted a clean, lifeless pose. :o

    I have a little problem when it comes to changing my style this much. As i'm only used to do human like drawings when i'm doing portraits of something already alive, but when it comes to getting a 2D cartoon character and transforming it into a human model, it just drives me crazy. Arms are also a big problem for me, as my main style has some exaggerated cartoonish proportions, what makes the lack of a reference something that can completely ruin my sense of anatomy.

    The thing about nudity is something i'm already aware of, tho. Even with cartoon drawings, i tend to design clothes a lot of time after i draw the actual body, it always helped me to keep up with the proportions. The right arm problem is also mostly due to a dumb shading, as in the picture i posted, it looks a lot different.

    As you can see, humanoids aren't really my thing. Even the portraits i do are only for birthday gifts or something, i actually don't like to do them, but i still want to improve in this aspect, as i'll have to use it sometime later.

    Thanks for the suggestions, by the way. :)

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    Default Re: The wrath of Hilla.

    I was expecting something really funny, but saw something really awesome.

    I think it's really good, considering that drawing humans isn't your strong point, since Hilla is kinda chibified anyway, it would be hard to draw a full humanoid version of her.

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    Should really be the other way around where being familiar enough with real people let's you know what you can get away with. I wasn't sure if you were going for somewhere in-between cartoon-y and realism because of the head as well....
    Shading is something I actually haven't touched upon yet. If I don't have a feel for the surface of what I'm drawing ― the plane changes ― then I'm going to run into difficulties properly shading, especially with multiple light sources. Good on you for doing some of the underlying structure and not trying to hide it with clothes/hair. :3

    I've seen quite a lot of comic artists with mediocre life drawings, but amazing caricatures and concepts. I'll search around my history for this one guy when I come back from class. Just keep in mind that I'm someone who wants to get into Animation, so I'll look at things differently than someone who's pursuing Illustration. and his portfolio to get into Disney
    Warning for drawn nudity? @___@

    Found itttt.
    life drawings start page 26 here
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