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  2. Harrisonized


    LoL. Remove Puddingqueen from Disneyland...
    1) she's not in DL anymore
    2) she got a name change (not sure to what though)

    I mentioned this over two months ago...

    Also, add Blacklily to your guildlist and put i123thebugs as the leader...
    Add BYOBs... not sure of the leader. O.o

    I think a few other guilds you might have missed too. LoL.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2008-09-15 at 06:19 PM. Reason: LoL?

  3. Default

    I'd like to suggest an additional field for the list: southperry user name of the leader or any other way of contacting outside of the game. Given that the purpose of the list is so that people who have complaints about a guild member ks'ing or whatever can contact the leader about it, it makes sense that people be able to contact the leader outside of maple, where you can have longer messages, screenshots, contact the leader even if they're not online, etc. I think it would also mark the guilds that care about what their members do. I know there's at least one guild on the list that doesn't give a pumpernickle if their members go around ks'ing everyone.

    If you decide to add that, let me be the first - I'm leader of TeamIDB.

  4. Default

    lol hey i'm quite sure i did cross that name out but errr okay now updated ur info f3.. if anyone else see anything that isn't update pls let me know... Since i dont know how to cross out words in southperry i'll just delete the name off the list if it no longer applies

  5. Default

    kind of complicated, but as some of you may know, zDeadly sold his acount. Now Pulse& Essence are allied and QATAR&zDeadly are the same person for now.

  6. Default

    i dont think anyone would be willing to put that info up. but errr lets have a vote, if you guys like this info to be added then let me know. What i would do is right next to guild leader's name i'll add their aim/msn ign. But we'll see how this goes. Most likely not that many people would really care to add that but pls

  7. Default

    It wouldn't be required for every guild on the list; just something the guild leader can add if they want to show they care. And I was thinking more along the lines of southperry/sleepywood username rather than AIM/'re right that not many leaders would want to provide AIM/msn.

  8. Lead Ball Male
    IGN: EastTimor
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 201
    Job: All of them
    Guild: Faith
    Alliance: Solace
    Farm: Travel


    PureMsAddict is gone.

  9. Default

    Essence~>Dead. Theyre crysis now and zdeadly is gone.

  10. Electron
    IGN: MsSecksyyy/Convincing
    Server: Scania
    Level: 15x/2x
    Job: Bishop/Sin
    Guild: Sovereignty


    Sovereignty - imtoobabiish/arielli


  12. Electron

    IGN: XGLaZey
    Server: Scania
    Level: 84
    Job: Crusader
    Guild: Impetuous
    Alliance: Impelicious


    Lol this list is kinda outdated.

    Pilialoha- Disbanded. I used to be in it. Chris (iPlayTooMuch) and his girlfriend Gia quit. Everyone left the guild, guild disbanded. Feel free to take it out.

    Add in Impetuous, leader is Ayceee.

  13. Default

    invincible led by silverstar

  14. Default

    Insurrection - leaded by me, DarkHero22

    Good idea, by the way.

  15. Default

    Leader: DaikajiHane

  16. Default

    Updated today!!! sorry guys I've been so busy. Check the list and let me know if you want your guild name to be added. Thanks

  17. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: Leonage
    Server: Scania
    Level: 128
    Job: Arch Mage
    Guild: LouisVuitton
    Alliance: .


    I need a guild...



  20. Default

    Ohai Rob o.0 ^^^

    Leader: xOmegaAnsemx (Me)



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