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  1. Default Nimble Ring IV & Hyper Ring I (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    Weird request, trying to max speed on my bishop while wearing as many HP equips as I can. I figure a speed ring is the best way to get around this - if anyone finds a Nimble Ring IV recipe in either Broa, Windia or El Nido let me know. It's a Zakum/Horntail drop.

    Edit: forgot about Hyper Ring I. Both are from Zak/HT!

    No longer need these, didn't want to bump. :)
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  2. Default Re: Nimble Ring IV (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    Darn, You shoulda said something a week ago. I threw one out because i thought they were worthless D:

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    Default Re: Nimble Ring IV (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    Decent Haste + Pet Equip scrolled for speed?

  4. Default Re: Nimble Ring IV (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    Can't justify spending NX on it, and I'm trying to get max speed/jump as passive. With a nimble 4 I'll be at 140 speed and 121 jump anyway.

    :( They pretty much are worthless, no one uses them because there are so many better uses for the ring slots.

  5. Default Re: Nimble Ring IV (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    If you don't got a CHTP or other %hp pendant, you should go for MoN for some extra speed/jump.

    Did you already do shoes for speed/jump? I think evo rings 1 + 2 give speed/jump as well. Bathrobe (unless you're %hp cubing your gear).

    Or you could invest in some of the empress gear depending on how expensive they are in your server. Shoes + cape give speed/jump and should help you. I think there are some other alternatives as well if you can't find those 2 rings.

  6. Default Re: Nimble Ring IV (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    In the process of doing the Silent Crusade quest chain now, the pendant from that gives 10% HP/MP, and CHTP isn't possible for me right now.(scratch that, it only gives +70, wtp Hidden-Street. Guess I'll get a MoN) My shoes are 7 jump and 5 speed, with 5 slots left. I've got the 5 set Legends Maple Equip bonus for +200 HP and revealed 3% HP on both the cape and gloves. The only slots left I have to fill are shield (currently an Esther with +120 HP, 4 slots), 1 ring (Evo III 10 for now, HP Ring II & Nimble II), eye (not going to happen), and pocket if I can ever get enough charm. I'm going to reset most of my INT out and pump HP whenever I can get a full AP reset. I'll probably end up getting decent Haste if I can borrow from a friend so as not to worry about getting speed gear as well.

    Edit: I'm not cubing %hp gear, just trying to get as much as I can from bonuses/equips in order to maximise survivability - this character is just going to be used for bosses and as an HS mule for Stronghold/LHC/Monster Park, the plan is I'll have enough HP to not have to worry about it dying all the time when I stop paying attention to the other laptop for a minute or so.

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    Default Re: Nimble Ring IV (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    Be aware that Heal depends heavily on damage range. If you reset most of your INT out and put it in HP, you'll get a Bishop who can't even Heal himself fully in one (or several) casts, nevermind any party members.

    Good luck getting enough HP. I'm rather pessimistic so my bishop has pet+autoMP+elixirs/gingers/powers, but I'd be curious to see how many HP it takes to survive without that.

  8. Default Re: Nimble Ring IV (Broa/Windia/El Nido)

    Thanks! I've been testing with damage range and stats, I should be fine with about 500 INT base and the rest in HP - with that amount I'll be able to comfortably heal myself back to full HP after a 1/1 and heal anyone else in my party enough to be out of danger. Decided to recycle my Evan's old Elemental Wand since it has a lot of Magic ATT instead of using a Pyrope Staff (potential on the Ele is +120 HP anyway, haha) too.

    Once I'm done I'll post some screenshots somewhere I guess, trying to get a MoN as soon as and then it'll just be up to waiting for an AP reset event and hunting HP scrolls/recipes.

    MOST OBNOXIOUS THING EVER! I don't need these rings anymore, didn't want to bump the thread to the top just to post though.
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