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    Today marks the first anniversary that the the city centre of the city I grew up in was largely destroyed and many houses on the east side of the city were badly damaged in a magnitude 6.3 earthquake that had the second highest ground accerlation ever recorded in the world, and killed 185 people.

    At 12:51 PM it would have been exactly a year, so in 2 hours from now. It's so sad to think about it :-(
    Something neat that people are doing though is putting flowers (real or plastic) into the tops of road cones in memory of those who lost their lives, and apparently most cones in Chch now have a flower in the top of them.

    I am not currently in Christchurch (New Zealand) as I am in another city in the north island for a year for my studies.

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    Oh god I remembered that, was really horrible. I don't know what it was last year but that country really wasn't with good fortunate lol

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    Yeah, just a few months before that earthquake we had the Pike River disaster too (29 killed). And there was a private plan crash killing something like 6 or 8 people (I think that was actually on the same day as one of the major earthquakes, but can't remember which), and then this year we had that really awful hot air balloon disaster (11 people burnt to death). Dunno why NZ's luck is so bad now.

    At 12:51 PM (NZ time) I'll be stopping what I'm doing for 2 minutes, as will most of New Zealand.



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