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  1. Default Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Hey guys,
    I would like to find out what would you like to change in Masteria, to make it better place? Since BigBang i think Masteria really lose popularity expect few maps like jesters to train. CWKPQ came back but it wasnt changed at all. Krakia Jungle is so broken place to train/questing.

    Here are my ideas.

    -Bigfoot and Headless Horseman now give ambition! and also dorp silent crusader coin
    -All monsteres here drop cards, but also familiars. Droplist is also changed EE/potential scrolls added, better equips, scrolls etc.
    -Maps are changed to be better training places, Jesters and other popular maps now have MiniDungeons.
    -Masteria Map is now available in worldmap also HyperTeleport Rock works here.
    -In Krakia Jungle maps are with only 1 kind of mob. No more gold slimes with Electrophants, same for BigBen maps.
    -NLC has new NPC, taxi (NLC>HH;NLC>Crimsonwood Keep), Spinel)
    -Masteria has new quests as a rewards (Onyx Apple, Taos, and other GMS exclusive pots and items)
    -Exchange Quest has better rewards including scrolls for new classes like Mercedes, DemonSlayer etc.
    -Making Items are now easier and there new items for all classes.
    -CWKPQ gives better exp, is available through Dimensional Mirror. All classes can active sigils. More pq per day, make expedition in same way how zakum exped. can be made.
    -Visitor Event is now permament conentet and it's added to masteria as a new place.

    What are your ideas?

  2. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    BF and HH back to their pre BB state and spawn points, but with proporsional damage and PDR/MDR. Make it dangerous to venture into the forest again.
    CWKPQ bosses buffed by a ton and sigil activation possible by all classes.
    All monsters adapted to the BB standard, especialy the Chimney mobs.
    Continued release of the areas mentioned by quests, iTCG and hints.

    Pipe dreaming indeed.

  3. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Codex for Masteria with a special set (or two, one for the jungle, another for CWKPQ and phantom forest), recipes for professions where it includes leaf crystals, elpam's elixirs, weapons from Fiona, and the likes. For lowered costs, but needing a recipe.

    And remake CWKPQ, and add the pirate boss. And make the pirate boss have skills that make it hard to counter with the others, like damage reflect... Let it happen, and can't rush the mob of all them.

  4. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    I quit for a while a long time ago. I figured some of these would have been done by now. Apparently not...

    I say:

    Increase potion cost to help curb inflation a little. For all levels, add more areas, more quests, more items, more bosses. Perhaps add new equips that match the current endgame equip stats exactly but look different and have different names. Make it a worthwhile location for monster killing for endgame players as well as lower levels, whatever that takes. Make travel between areas in Ossyria and Masteria a little easier, perhaps with a timed ship/station, or maybe just a special portal... could also be achieved by adding a subway to at least one town in Ossyria, even if it doesn't make much sense to think there's a train that travels across large stretches of water (not that floating Victoria Island makes much sense for transcontinental subway trains either).

  5. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    All of these things don't need to be changed or added in. No more visitor event, it was stupid in the first place.
    CWKPQ shouldn't be easy to get to, it should be something you need to earn.
    Onyx apples and taos in quests are a horrible idea in general.
    Taxi's to the keep removes the challenge and fun of getting to it.

  6. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    It's not fun if you have to do it over and over again.

  7. Water
    IGN: JerrysHero
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Imperious
    Alliance: TheAlmightys

    Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    This is why there's that object that lets you teleport through the statues. If there's a taxi to the keep, renders that whole quest-chain pointless. I do agree would be tedious going back and fourth even with the object, but a taxi to the keep is too much IMO. Perhaps just to where the totem poles are would be better.

  8. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    I'm speaking generally not specifically to cwkpq, there should be always a quicker way to access maps like that, in this case cwkpq does have the statues.

  9. Neon Atom Gay Male
    IGN: VVindswept
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 210
    Job: Wind Archer
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    Alliance: Christmas

    Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    The quest is already pointless...once you're in Masteria you can use a Hyper Tele Rock to get up to Crimson Guardians...all someone has to do is tele up there and warp a Bishop there and just door people from HH.

  10. Water
    IGN: JerrysHero
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Imperious
    Alliance: TheAlmightys

    Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Yeah I know, just not everybody uses teleport rocks. I even buy NX and never get teleport rocks. So for people who don't get teleport rocks, that statue teleporting system is very important to get there quickly. As an Evan I don't even have to enter the right passages in haunted woods, just get to the bottom of that big map that leads to the totems and blink to the top.

    Believe there's a door problem back to the Mansion from the keep, at least in Khaini one rarely works. Maybe it's just my parties though.

  11. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    But I was thinking that the option NLC>CK will only appear after done some quests.

  12. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Having a taxi to the keep is stupid, part of the fun is getting up there, it's supposed to be difficult. That's why there are so many obstacles. I'd really like to see Naricain turned into an actual boss, a high leveled one too. The hologram of him just before the bonus stage in the PQ could be used as a portal into another room where you have to solve some puzzles or pass a jump quest to get to him, haven't decided how it'd be implemented but it would be really cool. I REALLY want to know what all the tombstones mean in the MesoGears too, they just completely abandoned them without ever actually explaining what they mean.

  13. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    uh, hyper rocks already work in masteria
    on the little search bar on the world map, just type haunted house, and it'll show the masteria maps.

  14. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: HarbingerLey
    Server: Mardia
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    Guild: [L]ittleBusters
    Farm: Dominion

    Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    is it that hard to walk to cwk, i mean its just top left tree, right tree, 3 trees right, 2 trees left, left tree, top left tree then head up O_o

  15. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Door glitches when bishop isn't leader of party, you can fix it by leading them or having them start a new party, iirc.

  16. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
    IGN: FlameChocobo II
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Hero
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    At lease make Haunted Mansion accessible VIA an NPC only during the Halloween Event in every town.

    +Please make Crimsonwood Keep a good place to train (Probably for Level 130+, and the map layout has to be good. I seriously don't want to freaking train at LHC.)
    +Mini Dungeon for both New Leaf City and Crimsonwood so nobody has to deal with KSing shenanigans.
    +Add in new weapons and armor without skipping out any weapon. For the love of any deity out there, don't make a Fast-5 Pole Arm with weaker attack power because it will do no good. Make the Pole Arm Normal-6 and same attack power with at least a Spear.
    +And please make New Leaf City accessible to Dimensional Mirror (Same goes to Mushroom Shrine in Zipangu and CBD in Singapore. They also need to be accessible to Dimensional Mirror too.) and Crimsonwood accessible to NLC.

  17. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Maybe create a Chaos CWKPQ, with bosses using skills like reflect and seduce, and a Chaos MoN with slots.
    Also, remove seal from Crimson Guardians. Pre BB, they had it because they were stronger. Now it's pointless since other mobs near its level have no skill of the sort.

  18. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal

    Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    It's more annoying than hard.
    I seem to have a habit of forgetting the pattern to get to the keep.

  19. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Lets change MoNs into badge equips! MoN + HTP, and if you can get one, +CHTP/Rising Sun Pendant.

    -More obstacles in CWKPQ
    -More strategy required at bosses instead of just hacking and slashing away?(Seduce/Reflect/Damage Invincibility - although I'm sure some would hate this.)
    -Pirate boss
    -Mystery Mastery Book instead of a few specific books from CWKPQ bonus (good or bad depends on your view).
    -Sigils being able to be activated by more up-to-date skills. (A bit of a hassle having to tab to Dragon Fury to activate them since Dark Impale doesn't work), as well as other classes being able to activate them.
    -More Masteria/CWK weapons in bonus stage [like Storm Spear (it's a Pole however) from MapleSEA and maybe Crimson Arcglaive]
    -Elemental Wand/Staff 5,6,7, & 8? Wands maybe at a good amount as it is, but Staves are lacking much in quantity.
    -GMS exclusive recipes? (Specs, SCG, FS, CIlbi, & iTCG equips)
    -Visitor PQ through Masteria/CWK Forest/CWK Mountains.
    -Updated Visitor PQ with Cannon, Dual Bowgun, and Demon Aegis equips.
    -More Visitor Accessories? Badge, Pocket, & Shoulder?

  20. Default Re: Masteria Revamp. Your ideas.

    Make Chaos Cwkpq that drops MoNs with slots
    Each PQ you get the standard ect item or 1 per boss and just multiply all this by 4
    After doing 30 PQs you can turn specs+1ea tao+wis/luk/dex/str ore for lv 8x specs color/stats change on type of ore used
    50 PQs a MoN badge
    Expand on the bosshunter set to be a decent 3rd tier potential set with a nice set bonus but a pain in the ass to get



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