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  1. Default This was intriguing

    I can see some truth in this but skeptical of course. Although it does explain a lot, but some of it is stretching it obviously. It's long but it kept my attention

  2. Default Re: This was intriguing

    Only watched 10 minutes 'cause I gotta go now. Seems rather silly, will watch it complete tonight and decide if "I can see some truth" or just keep being skeptical.

  3. Default Re: This was intriguing

    In summary, something something, ancient history, something, something, science, something something something.

    I like the part when the martians teleport to earth and conquer the people because of their superior technology. Gotta love that theoretical science!

  4. Default Re: This was intriguing

    I'll have to rewatch it tonight but I can summarize what actually is intriquing about it. Yes martians coming and tryign to take us is a little farfetch'd as is a giant alien spaceship. What intriques me is the relationship they establish between Egyptions, christianity, allah, and Atlantis. Also the relationship between us, magnetic fields and geometry.

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    Default Re: This was intriguing

    What is this I don't even...

    I think I'll share this with some of my schoolmates. If my memory serves correctly from last year, they should be learning about the earth's magnetic fields and poles and pole shifts in Geophysics right around now.

  6. Default Re: This was intriguing

    i cant stop watching it...

  7. Default Re: This was intriguing

    I'm watching the other parts tonight . It really is refreshing

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    Default Re: This was intriguing

    Quite an.. interesting watch.

  9. Default Re: This was intriguing

    There are more parts!?

    just finished this, time to look for the others

  10. Default Re: This was intriguing

    ..Well, in all fairness they WERE enslaved, and it does go pretty accurate with the whole "moses" thing. You can't criticize it without watching the whole thing because they do explain everything lol

  11. Default Re: This was intriguing

    Black people were enslaved too. Guess they're also aliens.

    I will end up watching the whole thing just to see where it goes but so far it's bordering on absolutely ridiculous and batpomegranate insane

  12. Default Re: This was intriguing

    Technically at the time they were, african americans were in that times eyes an entirely different species, might as well been alien. Hebrews were enslaved for not being alien but being inferior based on this video which was my point.

    Although Hebrews were, according to this, the reason why such advanced geometry happened, martians are the reason why we became so power hungry.

  13. Default Re: This was intriguing

    Call me crackhead, but this makes some sort of sense to me. And the connections between all of the religions were probably the best part. The Mars and Giant spaceship part farfetched though.

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    Default Re: This was intriguing

    I remember when Scientists the world over thought Mercury was an elixir for immortality and the world was flat, and there were only 5 elements. Then some batsh'it bastards said such blasphemous things as "the earth revolves around the sun, and we're on a round ball of a planet, not a flat world."

  15. Default Re: This was intriguing

    I watched half the video before getting annoyed and stressed.
    The whole video is all about "It could be a good explanation of..." (even the narrator says so) but it probably isn't.
    I don't really see what the point of the video is either...
    Anyway, I find facts and the misteries around them interesting. However, I find mythological explanations rather boring and silly.
    If we ever get to know more about what happened based on facts, I'll find those interesting, regardless of how absurd they sound.
    Also, we're not burning whoever comes up with similar theories... comparing ones "agnostic" point of view to a middle-age point of view is an absurd overreaction.

  16. Default Re: This was intriguing

    Well actually they are not aliens at all, according for what i understood, they are time travelers that come from a distance future(or past?) from UR planet, so in theory, they are not aliens, just time travelers

  17. Default Re: This was intriguing

    Yeah, that's the same. Time traveling aliens looking only to introduce geometry to the planet earth on two unoccupied hotspots is very much the same as FLAT EARTH.

    Even if you wanted to believe that such a ridiculous thing were KIND OF POSSIBLY TRUE it's impossible to get past the fact that they were then IMMEDIATELY ENSLAVED. So if they have the power to travel through time why wouldn't they just go back and fix this error so that they wouldn't suffer?

    "pineapple you guys we came to teach you geometry and you made us your peaches. Enjoy your mathless future."

  18. Default Re: This was intriguing

    I'm so sorry. I couldn't help myself.


  19. Default Re: This was intriguing

    Reminds me of "if god doesn't exist who wrote the bible".
    However, both extremes are wrong, imo.



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