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  1. Default [EMS] Taking initiative

    This is definitely the type of thing I want to see NexonAM do.


    If only.

    *sorry if there's another thread on this already, I don't see one :c

  2. Won't Be Coming Back Male

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    Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    They deleted bowman, thief, and Mage 140 sets?

  3. Neon Atom Gay Male
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    Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    You should post this up on Nexon America's forums...I'm curious to see if they'd delete it lol

  4. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    From what I understand, empress equips were only obtainable by people with hacked weapons (e.g. 30k swords) or using hacking programs (no fight back or something).

  5. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    Saw this on the basil plant, apparently despite them only listing 3 of the Empress equip sets, all of them were deleted. A few things I don't know though are:

    - how long this was a problem in eMS
    - how widespread it was to warrant a complete 140 equip wipe
    - whether the exploits used (i.e. the 32k attack swords and whatever program they were using I assume) were actually dealt with properly

    It's too easy to point out the posting of actions taken by other game hosts and use them as "examples" without knowing the entire story. Regardless I'm surprised they took action on something Nexon America seems to have absolutely no issues with (the farming of Empress equips via whatever illegitimate means).

  6. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    This is very true and applies to just about any decision.
    But with NexonAM, it should be clear to them that passing 70 enhances, scrolling 27 att+ shoes, and there being literally thousands of the exact same item is pretty illegit.
    Except they don't know pomegranate about their game.

  7. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    Empress weapons were only attainable from the hero key box event and players can farm the 140 armors so no problems there for gms.

    I doubt they'll ever get serious about removing the other exploited items since they only seem to target 600+/300+ sts and cravens. (unsuccessful attempts at that)

  8. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    They can do anything that should've be done months/years ago and we'll praise/love them for when they actually do it.

    ...what if that's NexonAM's plan all along?


  9. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    They deleted all the empress gear, all 5 sets.
    And the whole story is just hackers going empress for the gear and then selling it in the FM to 'legits'.

    Nexon EU often bans a lot of people if they are involved with illegit activities, banning doesnt seem to be something they have a problem with.
    Everytime an EE-exploit hits there are always a lot of 'legits' that get banned

  10. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    If NexonAM came off like that, "legit"s would be more reluctant to buy hacked weapons if it meant possible and irreversible ban.

    As it is now, the only thing people fear when they buy a hacked ST, Craven, or Nisrock is if they're out 4 bucks.

  11. Lead Ball
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    Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    So..EMS is taking the same action like what MSEA did? Interesting.

  12. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    Makes me wonder why NexonAM don't just go to this extreme and delete all stonetooths, cravens, golden nisrocks etc etc from game.. Yea people will be pissed but people who perfected those prolly quit already..

  13. Neon Atom Straight Male

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    Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    NexonEU already permanently banned (almost) all accounts that had 9+ star equips on them. (Mind you, we didn't have the unlimited slot exploits, so all 300atk+ weps are kinda removed)
    This whole removing of empress equips is nice as well, legit groups stated that they couldn't get to the 2nd batch of instructors yet (I don't know why exactly).

    Yea, NexonEU is improving very fast atm. They also released another PMD event now, but with increased ticket prices, some new things into them with a set of equips, and with some botprevention that stops people from jumping down, something that granted hackers unlimited access.

    Thanks nexon!

  14. Default Re: [EMS] Taking initiative

    Hold on.
    EMS bans faster and better than GMS?
    When I knew EMS, then as flucks that can't ban proberly.
    Also, I will see that soon, they will be re-added.
    Simply deleting an item with over 60 % of hacked creation/status, it will erease it at once.
    Also thus, duping of said item is impossible.
    Readding it later will show the fact the item is not impossible to get.

    ...why did NexonAm not do this yet?



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