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    Why are these mobs, like the Security Camera, Riche, etc etc all no longer doing their job? They were initially made to kick botters out of maps, now they just have a ton of HP and drop crusader coins.

    Did the system not work or something? Or did some Nexon employee just forget what they were used for, and designed an alternate purpose for them.

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    Basically, botters already found a way to circunvent them, and therefore, they made sense no longer. Instead of scrapping them entirely, they reused them, added a few more animations, and made them fully practicable bosses.

    So, if the only people feeling negatively about it were going to be the playerbase, they decided it was better to change them.

    Something along the lines of limited drops out of your level, but yeah, those aren't changed. That reminds me, did they remove it in KMS? Just curious.

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    The "mini bosses" are in KMS.
    If you were talking about the drop rate thing I dont know.

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    The bot catching monsters got fed up with the current state of maplestory so figured that to the best of their ability, if you can't beat them, join them.

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    we require MORE bot checkers, whatever that item was called.

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    I still have one of those from YEARS ago. They can be purchased from the edelstein potion npc? (or at least were able to be).

    To my knowledge they dont work anymore. They were fun though. Use it, it checks, if false it gives you half your meso back.

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    LOL, the ''bot-catchers'' never stopped any illegitimate activity.

    They were meant to originally, if I'm not mistaken, but never worked to do a damn thing which is why they've tried to find other ways to stop shady activities and gave the ''bot-catchers'' different uses. They keep them in the game as a reminder of their failure.

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    KMS bots solve those in less than 3 seconds.

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    It's as simple as using a mob filter to get rid of them.

    Botters are the least of Nexon's problems anyways, or at least should be.

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    This, or something like it.
    I've never once seen a botter get successfully LD'd, and I tried a couple dozen times at various MDT channels before I gave up.
    It, like all the other anti-bot systems in place, is only a hindrance for people, particularly those in mini-dungeons that go AFK.

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    I wish that were true. Then I could easily go hunt lower leveled mobs for items.



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