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    Nothing more to say, just wtp.

  2. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

  3. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    what the hell am I watching.

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    Over 20 million damage with Giant Robot SG88? Holy shit.

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    Oh haha, I didn't know -all- Mechanic summons could break 999.999 dmg. So also rock 'n shock, bots 'n tots and satellite can break it! :D

    Also funny to see the SG-88 ultimate do 27,7 million dmg per arm! :P

    And yeah, siege with 28,57142857 hits per second, making it do 28.571.400 dmg / sec with all 999.999's.

    Too bad jMS doesn't have infinite Siege mode yet though... :(

    LF> Resistance buff patch in March, can't wait for infinite Siege! :D :D :D

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    So...the first recommended video following the clip featured the screenshot of Hilla, Mercedes and Athena in their "OMG! It's Phantom!" faces. It is appropriate.

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    I knew you would come here <3

    "Infinite Siege" isnt that infinite .-.
    The 100atk cap probably will fk up our "infinite siege" :(

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    Well, 1000/210 = 4,7619047619047619047619047619048

    100 / 4,7619047619047619047619047619048 = 21 seconds of infinite siege per siege transform

    28.571.400 * 21 = 599.999.400 dmg per transform and no cooldown... excluding all summons.

    Not that bad though... ;)

  9. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    Lesson learned: take 4 mechs, a BaM, and a bishop to Empress.
    All instructors dead within 20 seconds. <3
    Also, no time for Empress to lolheal. That thing must have a cooldown more than 21 seconds...

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    just wait till they get infinite siege mode from the revamp .___.

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    Mechanic for universe god tier.

  12. Deluxe Refrigerator Straight Male
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    Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    *looks at Mu Gong familiar*

    Now thats your problem

  13. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    As far as I know that is not a familiar. It's an effect that you get when you maxed a certain trait.
    Familiars have those vitality orbs above their head, remember?

  14. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    Nah, it's a spirit weapon effect or something.

  15. Won't Be Coming Back Male

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    Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    iirc mu gong gives +20% boss damage.

  16. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    You're right. I was confused with these:


    Sigh.. Why does JapanMS get the cool stuff?

  17. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.


    SO COOL.

  18. Default Re: [JMS]Mechanic Zakum.

    Actually, the Mu Gong effect is from having a Mu Gong Spirit Orb passed on your weapon and then charging your weapon with 1,000 Spirit Orbs from monsters. I have no idea exactly what the Mu Gong bonus gives, but it's some +% damage. It's not boss damage, it's just general damage, so it's reflected in your range as well.

    Edit : I found it

    武公パンダ魂の玉 STR%増加 武公の絶対攻撃:再使用待機時間5分 自分が与えるダメージ2倍*1、持続時間1分

    Mu Gong Spirit Orb : +6% STR and when you use the Mu Gong Spirit Attack (which has a 5 minute cool down), you gain a buff that increases your own damage by 2x for 1 minute.

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