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    I have been trying to sell my old wand for a couple of weeks now and have deemed it unsellable now. There is zero interest and all I get are fake offers for it. Because of this, I realized that I don't really care much about a bill here or there and have put it up in my shop for max mesos. I emptied my inventory of mesos before setting it up in my shop.

    Question, is no one seriously interested in buying my wand for max mesos or are they unable to? My store has been up for 3 hours and the wand is severely underpriced (try underpriced by 2b).

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious

    Default Re: Max mesos in a shop

    They assume you have meso and don't try to buy it because they think they can't.

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    But wouldn't people try to buy it if they had max? I mean, it doesn't hurt does it? I just remembered that the other night when I tried this someone thought it was fake and said he tried to buy but it wouldn't let him.

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    Is it the ele wand 7 with 70% boss? D:

    Try putting it in the shop stating "A/W 2.1 bil"

  5. Default Re: Max mesos in a shop

    Yes it is and thanks, I'll try that!

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    Put it in a mushie for max with no other items. I try buying things for max out of mushies more than I do out of permits.

  7. Won't Be Coming Back Male

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    If you really don't care about a few hundred mil, put it up for 1,999,999,999 and say "a/w 2b"
    I've found that a lot more people have ~2b than exactly 2147483647

  8. Default Re: Max mesos in a shop

    Thanks guys. Did the a/w 2.1 and it sold. Good luck to the person who bought it if they're planning on reselling it and good riddance.

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    This is sorta off-topic, but if you don't have enough mesos to buy something, you'll see 2 different messages (paraphrased)

    - You don't have enough mesos: It's buyable

    - The player does not have enough mesos to trade anymore: It's not buyable



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