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  1. Default Two years too late?

    Well been lurking SP for a very long time, much longer before I ever even bothered making this account and even then I never even bothered posting really as MS kinda fell off for me, but lurking I've come to really enjoy some of the members of the community and figured now's the time to let the cat out of the bag and be part of the group.

    Anyway, the name's Bryan and my SP name is jerk, coincidentally after just logging in and seeing I created this account two years ago today I thought now's a better time than any to introduce myself. I'm just sorta getting back into MS and learning all the new in's and out's.

    Hopefully this doesn't feel as long and drawn out to everyone else as it does to me right now...but hopefully I'll be accepted with open arms.

  2. Default Re: Two years too late?

    Two yearsss? Well aren't you a JERK!

    Sorry had to say it. Welcome~

  3. Desk Straight Male
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    Default Re: Two years too late?

    Welcome! You'll find out that even with having an account, you are just too used to lurking. At least that's what happened to me.

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    Default Re: Two years too late?

    Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums :3.

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    Welcome to Southperry, the land of jerks.

  6. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Alliance: KATYPERRY

    Default Re: Two years too late?

    Three days too late?

    Welcome to Southperry, Bryan~ :)



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