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Thread: Solo'ing HT

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    I'm thinking of doing it for the first time and was just wondering, is there any special requirements to do it? besides Dragon Squad certificate, like take a certain amount of time before killing or you won't get drops, etc.

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    30 minutes after you summon it in Horntail Cave for drops.

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    Thanks for the quick answer :)


    Waiting til its 30 minutes after summoning is annoying <_<

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    You kill everything except

    - left arm: You'll be sed throughout the whole fight but you can afk the leftover time for drops
    - Left head: You can't afk but you don't have to deal with sed

    In almost all cases, left arm last is usually the best strategy. As a DS, it's probably even better since you'll rarely see sed anyway.

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    I prefer to leave the middle head until last. Its magic attacks only do 1 damage to me so I'm able to afk on a rope for the entire waiting period.
    Seduce through the entire fight is too lethal for me. The arms usually die pretty quick anyway.

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    Good to know, almost killed HT too quickly yesterday but I messed up:D

    Going again today for revenge, prob gonna leave a head alive to wait.



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