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  1. Default Evan Damage problem after a level-up

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    Occasionally, my Evan does only half the damage shown on the screen. It has happened 3 times to me now. It's very difficult to tell when it is happening. My own screen shows my expected damage, but it is clear I am not doing that much. If there are other people on the map, they show only half of my damage on their screen and it would seem that their damage is what I am actually doing.

    Case in point: I was lvl 149 and training on Corrupted Memory Guardians (lvl 164). My max critical damage with an Earthquake was about 330k. My normal damage with a Flame Wheel was 90-100k per hit with crits of about 130k-140k each. I was generally 2hko with the occasional 1hko.

    I leveled to 150. Suddenly, I was 4hko these mobs. I went out of the room and recast all of my buffs just to be sure I was fully loaded. No change. I asked a friend to look at my damage. On my screen, I did an earthquake to 3 mobs that showed 339k, 312k, 324k. His screen reported exactly HALF that damage visible. And it was clear that his damage was my actual output because I was 4hko-5hko them. My Exp rate went from 10% per 2 minutes to 6.5% per 2 minutes.

    Images of problem

    The problem rectified itself with a complete shutdown and restart of maple. But, this problem is very difficult to detect when you are in a party situation or fighting a boss.

    Anyone have this problem? Anyone have it on a non-Evan?

  2. Default Re: Evan Damage problem after a level-up

    Pretty sure this is an old bug.

    Back when CPQ was popular, from time to time my warrior would do "MISS",however, shows up as damage on the screen, I had to suicide to fix it.

    The cause in your case might be new if IT IS due to level up, maybe level a few and check every level to see if the bug comes up after level ups.

  3. Default Re: Evan Damage problem after a level-up

    I just leveled from 150-151 and it did it again. My screen shows full damage , like nothing is wrong. My actual damage is HALF what it should be.

    EDIT: It's happening on EVERY level-up. I have switched PCs and it still happens.
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