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  1. Default LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    It's just rather strange. After a quick search through the fm, it's quite obvious that even though the Americans are still in school at 11 am EST, there's enough Europeans/Asians/whatever to fill the entirety of ch1 fm (all rooms), so I head off to attempt LHC (since there should be at least 15 teams there). Even though there's a few teams about, there's still some empty maps (because the American kids aren't on yet, peak hours is not until like 5 pm EST).

    But one thing I do notice is the lack of glitched maps. Every crocs map is vanilla crocs, except for one, which was half glitched and the team was full. All the bears maps are not glitched. This is on Broa, I would like it if someone checked Windia LHC for me, since I keep hearing every bears map is glitched 24/7 over there.

    Usually at this time frame, like 2 weeks ago, at least 20% of the crocs/bears maps are still glitched and empty. Did Nexon ninja patch the WH map glitching hack?

  2. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    I don't think it is patched. Earlier this week i saw a moderately glitched / hacked map however not so heavily spawning. So maybe nexon has put a limit on the amount of monsters per map? I don't know. But the most likely reason is that FE is back to post-chaos stats so less people train at LHC now?

  3. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    I trained on a glitched map last night that had the normal amount.

  4. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    lol I walked into a map about 30 min ago so glitched I dcd after like... 15 seconds haha xD

  5. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    It's just more people are training at SH again.

  6. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Thank Nexon for stronghold.
    B> Glitched stronghold maps, now that would be pineappleing killer.

  7. Neon Atom Gay Male
    IGN: VVindswept
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    Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    *contemplates confusion fragments*...nvm fleeting dream lol

  8. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    No. The last thing we need is hackers glitching stuff at Stronghold. These glitchers need to be stopped.

  9. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    I went to a bearwolves map
    and spawns were normal
    and after about five minutes of my party training there, spawns just kept ramping up, and up, and up, and up.

    needless to say, got mad and left.

    IGN: Overburnd
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    You can't HACK stronghold like you can lhc.

  11. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    LHC maps are garbage on their own though... 4 mobs spawning per map is not a party training area for anyone who can mob. At least Stronghold has more than that.

    They should at least have 3-4 mobs per platform, if they need to cut the exp per kill so be it. But pineapple attacking 1 mob at a time on a Demon Slayer. You never get to use any orb attacks.

  12. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Uhm, correct me if I'm wrong, but the fact that one map is half glitched...doesnt that mean that glitching still works? Just that no one's doing it?

    Note that after a channel crashes, all glitched maps on the channel are reset, similarly to how they are reset after server checks.

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Again with this? It's the same old process

    Glitched LHC run rampart
    New patch comes out
    People speculate Glitched LHC was patched
    In the end, BT hasn't been updated

    The cycle repeats.

  14. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Agreeing with this. If people start glitching SH, it's back to not training for me.

  15. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Yesterday there wasn't even one unglitched map in Khaini... :')

    But hey, why complain about people lvling fast... you can get to lvl200 in 5 days anyway...

    Why care...

  16. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Yeah I'm with Devil..

    I know a lot of people on SP are like "100% Legit" and everything.. but I am definitely not going to take time to peach about a glitched map......

  17. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Totally this. Those that can only train on glitched maps can suck it. The only reason why they'd complain is because they've already had a taste of training on glitched maps, or else, they'v be just as happy as they are right now.

    I will admit LHC needs a legit spawn increasement. It wasn't really Necessary when it came out after BB, but we've had like 3 character buffs ever since and one to come. If not a spawn increasement then an area with better spawn to stick in between LHC and Stronghold.

  18. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Non glitched LHC isn't unbearable, I dealt with it until about 162 on my Shadower, but it does get really bad past then. Especially for people that aren't able to deal a lot of damage. I guess with Stronghold out for 165+ now it isn't such a big deal, but it would be nice for a bit of a spawn increase.

  19. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    Even if you do a lot of damage the only way to train on non-glitched maps is with 5 mules which is just a different kind of cheating the system. You can't fit 6 strong players into an LHC map with 4 mobs and get good exp.

  20. Default Re: LHC glitch maps are fixed?

    It's more like 6-7 mobs, since the spawn increases slightly with each additional player in the map, but I agree. I very rarely see anyone, especially strong attackers training at non-glitched LHC now. If they're strong they often duo a glitched map with another strong attacker and have four leechers, or all tackle the large mobs at the same time. Anything under 3 mobs per platform is bad.



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