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    Probably been posted before, but in any case...

    Thoughts on this?

    Does all this fit with string theory?

    This seems to be based on the Many-Worlds Interpretation, so I don't know how well it all fits with the rest of quantum physics but...seems logical enough to assume that the pattern of point, line, split, fold would keep repeating.

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    I only have one problem with that thing, they don't consider other possible physical dimansions.

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    What about all possible concepts, ideas, and/or chains of events in the imagination of every possible organism that may or may not come to exist? Most of those events will be covered in the omniverse theory since it allows for any combination of events with any set of universal laws...the imagination can randomly mix in new sets of universal laws and completely disregard old ones mid-event; nothing is to say a certain universe cannot have a set of universal laws that state that all universal laws will randomly change, but that would only account for the imagination of a single person; when linking infinite imaginations together, it suddenly becomes much more complex, since that adds yet ANOTHER layer of infinite branching possibilities that the tenth dimension does not reach. Those things will never happen because they are purely imaginary, but lets be honest, everything past the third dimension is purely theoretical and unviewable to us (at least not properly) anyway.

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    That would be the 7th Dimension according to this video (a single point, comprised of every single possibility; a set of infinite parallel universes). Every parallel universe is accounted for, when discussing branching off of the "main" path. Even if the "main" path had you deciding on ordering coffee, the "branch" could have very well been because you THOUGHT of ordering Earl Grey tea, but went with coffee anyway: the end result is the same (you ordering coffee), but the universe branched off because it's possible for you to have even a single different thought.

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    I'm not sure but I think what flonne was trying to say is what about the dimesions and laws the universes you thought think, like say x universe thinks about 20 dimesions instead of 10 because their own set of rules can make them see those which we could never imagine, like for instance that thing only takes into account point, line, split and fold but if after fold is twist and after that is connect in a way it would make a circle? Thats why I don't really like this thing, yeah it plays with parallel universes but that isn't in my eyes actual dimensions.

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    That would be a single persons...I guess you could call it imagination scope, lol. It would be possible to express that using this method since absolutely every set of occurrences is accounted for in this video, but adding an infinite number of sentient organisms' thought processes together, NOT being pooled together (because that would quite literally be infinite redundancy) but as a hivemind of an infinite number of sentient organisms' simultaneous thoughts that are on the scope of the 10th dimension to begin with even in a singular form. Basically, what I'm suggesting is, an imaginary idea that will never feasibly exist; everything within the scope of the 10th dimension repeated in all possible ways at any given time, an infinite number of times. A different kind of "infinite redundancy", you could say. The other would be a static, this would be an active, putting it in the best way I can.

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    Wow. I love this video. The first time I didn't hear bullcrap after the 4th dimension. And awesomely explained. Pineapple, I remember someone saying the 4th dimension was TASTE, and the 5th, COLOR. WAT.

    And yeah, every possible event is technically contained within the tenth dimension's point. Be it imagination or not, it'd be part of that universe as a whole. Or actually, anything you could imagine should be technically ABLE to exist in the proper coordinates in the plural timeline multiverse.

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    This part I agree with. Every event, imagined or not, feasible or infeasible, is contained within the tenth. I was suggesting an infinite recursion of infinite recursions happening across infinite imaginations simultaneously. Being able to calculate that would give no benefit, it's just my suggestion for something that would be on a larger scope than the tenth dimension.

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    However, that wouldn't work, since it's like trying to make a line with two points that are the same. Consider the tenth dimension is coordinates (1,1). A line from (1,1) to (1,1) is still a point, since it has no other references.

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    But that's what I'm's impossible to properly calculate something greater than "everything"; it would all be considered (1,1), I'm not disagreeing with that. My main idea is stated in one of my first posts; this theoretical "11th" that I am suggesting is "active" redundancy.

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    I get what you mean now.


    I just considered something. What if there was a DIFFERENT origin. I mean, before jumping to other universes, there's always one thing in common. All those universes have the same set of preset dimensions.

    What if there was a new subset of universes where there were only 2 dimensions, then time? it'd be:

    1st, 2nd and 3rd, time, 4th, all possible outcomes, 5th, jumping at any outcomes, 6th, all possibilities of the universe, 7th, all possibilities of all universes. But... There's FEWER dimensions (I may have missed some, but my point stands). What if the 11th dimension was actually a nth dimension, that is only 11th for us, but nth to everyone else? on other multiverses, I mean.

    Now that'd make sense... weirdly.

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    "nth" is probably a better description of mine than 11th, for many reasons. I'm pretty sure "omniverse" (which is essentially 10th dimension) includes all theoretical subset dimensions with all theoretical universal laws; I could be wrong...that was my assumption, though.

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    There's some issue with the tenth dimension, though. Even though it does contain all different timelines for all different universes and treat it as a single point, it does not contain itself. So, even though we don't have any other point in the tenth dimension, it does not contain everything: Namely, not itself.

    Also, something which bothers me with the 7th dimension: Why do we just assume that it is all the possible timelines for a single universe given its start? Why start? Why not end? Why not midway?

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    Because then you assume the entirety of the timeline. Before the middle there's also infinity branches before it. Can't ignore those.

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    Well, we don't ignore those. If we start in the middle, we branch both forward in time and backwards. If we start at the end, we only branch backward. Those are two sound things to do as well.

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    You can only branch forwards. It's timelines we are talking about. Throwing a dice can get 6 outcomes, but rolling a 4, for example, only gets you one origin: throwing the dice. Keep going backwards, and you'll miss the branches coming from that throw.



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