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Thread: Cube World

  1. Default Cube World

    Obvious Minecraft knockoff is obvious, but it still looks like it could be really fun. Kinda looks like minecraft with terraria style gameplay in it. Sort of combining the two.

    The game hasn't been released yet. Still in development.

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    Well, looks like it's ALREADY better than minecraft in terms of gameplay elements and graphics.

  3. Default Re: Cube World

    Minecraft's graphics aren't supposed to be anything amazing.

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    Default Re: Cube World

    Gameplay looks entertaining. Definitely an easy step up from Minecraft. They're both very different graphically and it's not really fair to compare them. I hate when people are like "UGH I CAN'T PLAY MINECRAFT THE GRPAHICS ARE SO BAD!!!!!!!" It's just.. ugh.

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    This game looks easier on the eyes than others of its genre, that's for sure.

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    Well, the thing is, it's not a "BUILD EVERYTHING type of game, but a game focused on playing on the same terrain you get, without you modifying it.

    I'd say they are like Coca-Cola and Fanta. They are almost the same, but VERY different.

    EDIT: Also, fun fact, the guy making this was hired by Mojang. His project is actually still being developed by himself apart from his new job.

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    I don't think I'd call it a Minecraft knockoff. Uses Voxels for it's art, sweet, whatever. With that logic may as well mark off Minecraft as an ultra-modern remake of Q*bert.

    Gameplay looks like Zelda, with a bit of like, Realm of the Mad God (Roguelike) or something like that mixed in. Pretty interesting.

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    Reminds me of 3D dot game heroes if anything, not Minecraft.

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    Okay herpity derps.

    Cube World is an Indie game that uses VOXELS! Voxels are used because a large amount of them can be shown on screen/utilized in game without running a $2000 system. Its the reason why Minecraft has willy shrivelingly large worlds, but jimmy down the street can run it on his 2003 hot rod desktop.

    Just because it uses VOXELS does not mean you can just say "this is a Minecraft knockoff" and believe you are correct, because it is not.

    Here is a video about a guy VERY EXCITED about his companies VOXEL based game engine. He never specifically states that they are VOXELS but claims they are "point clouds". A little digging will reveal that they are indeed VOXELS.

    After this video was first put up and got loads of attention, Notch made this post.

    To top this post off, the guy who made Cube World was recently HIRED by Mojang to assist with Minecraft's development.

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    I lag more in minecraft than I do in WoW

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    Das the power of Java. Eating all your RAM since...whenever it was first created.

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    Default Re: Cube World

    Only reason people see it as a Minecraft knockoff is because of the terrain (which, as Keith said, uses voxels just like Minecraft does) and thus they instantly assume you can do the same things in there. This isn't a mining/digging game, though, so I really don't see how people can be so firm on that belief. It was inspired by it, though.

    This game looks quite amazing, I'd love to try it when it's released. It's so bright too. :3

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    Default Re: Cube World

    Well, if it's free...

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    The guy who created this game was hired to work for Mojang, but at the decided not to take the job because he did not want to move to Sweden. Game looks promising though

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    Do want. Do want very much.

  16. Default Re: Cube World

    When he creates his sword. Omg.

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    I know right? Voxels are freaking awesome.

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    Default Re: Cube World

    Well hell, I'm sold. It does look like a MineCraft clone at first glance if you're only looking at it from a block perspective then I saw the RPG elements and weapon/character customization. Developer's also stated that mining/digging is not planned for the game and you have to find "construction plans" for building houses.

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    Customizing that sword looks good.
    It's defiently interesting.



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