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    Fiel at one time (and many other angry Southperrians) expressed with certitude that Southperry's ruling (and I extrapolate to all forum governments) are by nature dictatorship, with which I don't quite disagree.

    However, what we're doing here seems to bear a slight resemblance to aristocracy, in that only people fit to rule are allowed to rule.
    There may be discontent among the userbase regarding the particular individuals chosen to rule, but everyone seems to agree that those who rule by definition should be those who do it best.


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    Default Re: Southperry ruling

    It's a company.


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    Eos bought the website and as such is entitled to run the site how he sees fit. While a few of his decisions come across as spiteful or condescending, he is keeping the site alive - without him buying it, there's a good chance it wouldn't be around today. And he's still better than that one person that will remain unnamed was.

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    Please, I'd like to thing that no name is so tarnished as to be left unnamed. We're better than another unnamed site.

    (but no, seriously, we're better than that. I'd like to think so, anyway)

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    Hey, it could be worse. At least he doesn't run the site like -no name- does and asks for dirty pictures in return for moderator status. Or is a racist bigot. Or takes out his grudges on his own site's members. Eos could run this site FAR FAR worse than he does. And heck, Eos doesn't even do a bad job of running the site in the first place. He's cleaned the place up. Things have been rather hostile lately because of the bull pomegranate crashing left and right, sure, but things'll calm down now that it seems the storm has cleared up.

    I see nothing wrong with it being a "dictatorship". Or an aristocracy as you put it. The people in charge are doing well as they are. I don't see any issues in regards to power abuse. Except with Eos slapping Viaje around every once in a while. But Viaje kind of asks for it. (I think he's a masochist)

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    I disagree that SP is an aristocracy. If that were so, all the elite members of SP would be in some way able to exert power over it. I don't see that happening now. There are moderators, but those are appointed position and are not found out of post count or popularity.

    SP follows the general forum ruling mode of an absolute dictatorship (Absolute Autocracy):

    "In contemporary usage, dictatorship refers to an autocratic form of absolute rule by leadership unrestricted by law, constitutions, or other social and political factors within the state."

    Although you could say that Eos is restricted by the rules and regulations, he really isn't. He can change them at a whim, or choose to throw out the rules entirely and run the place any way he wishes. He has total power and control over every facet of the website. In the "" domain, nobody can usurp his power unless he gives it. I can't think of a better definition.

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    Who cares how it's ruled, so long as those in power rule it well, I have no complaints.

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    You just contradicted yourself...

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    pomegranate, punctuation pineappleup on my part.
    Meant to type this.
    Who cares how it's ruled. So long as those in power rule it well, I have no complaints.

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    That sentence is you saying that you DO care how it's ruled though.

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    "Aside from being ruled properly, I have no other contentions into the ruling style of SP." Perhaps that works better for him.

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    Aristocracy can also satisfy the one-person-rule-all criterion of autocracy, tyranny and dictatorship, as idealized in Plato's state with a philosopher king.

    I would suppose the difference between aristocracy and those other forms of government lies not in the quantity of people in power (elite members of SP having a say in its legislation), but rather in how the legislation is carried out.

    Aristocratic people rule because they are most fit to rule while, in similar fashion, other people fit at other positions do their jobs as such. This division of labor works towards the best interest of the community as a whole.
    Dictators rule because they want to rule, possibly for personal benefits.

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    Southperry is not a nation. Attempting to make a comparative analogy to one is inappropriate.
    "Best" would be a subjective assessment as moderation is subjective.
    Everyone feels discontent at some point with someone, doesn't mean it should always merit action.

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    Goddamn english language is a tricky devil.

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    You don't need to be a nation to have a form of government. Or did your school never have a class president/secretary/treasurer/student council?

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    You come across emotionless in SP, that's the truth, if you want to change that image you have to go on a skype call or some type of chat outside of SP

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