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  1. Default GMS Server Status Discussion 2012-01

    This is the official thread to discuss the current status of the servers, channels and general Nexon connectivity.

    If you really only want to see the status and have no interest in participating in discussion here on Southperry you're discouraged from registering, there's no benefit to you for doing so. You will find it more effective and expedient to simply bookmark one of the following mirror URLS of the status page;

    They update on the same schedule, load faster, use less resources and are perfect for sharing and bookmarking.
    Red Blinking = All logins down, or master login down. 
    Red = More than 50% of the normal channels are down but logins are fine.
    Yellow = Less than 50% of channels are down and logins are fine.
    Green = All good.
    Latency is now indicated in the report, including max and average.
    Channels that are up but experiencing a higher than normal latency will be indicated in Yellow, but poor connection speed will not impact the status results indicator.

    Note the contents of this thread will routinely be moved to the Archived Items forum after various outages and discussion.

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    Not seen this before, but trying to go to channel 1 in El Nido started off by disconnecting me, then I tried again and now it says "You cannot more to the requested channel at this time. Please try again later." In the chat box. Showing up as yellow on the status page.

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    Wow. 10 seconds after my pendants charged and I use a fam 1.2x rep to train, my clients all go down.

    All because I thought today was FRIDAY.... Duuuuuuuhhhh....

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    You should check the site more often , oh and they usually have a SC at this time every week now.

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    I am well versed in Nexon procedure. I did read the site. I just thought it happened YESTERDAY... because as I said, I thought today was Friday...

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    Nexon are still negligent and incompetent in that they dont warn its players in game that a SC is about to happen.

  7. Deluxe Refrigerator Straight Male
    IGN: Blackraven16
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    They do in Mabi

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    No one ever believes me when I try to explain how much more competently mabi gets run and communicated. Even through fiascos like G15 we got fairly good communication, and unbelievable communication compared to what Maplers got.

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    I don't play Mabinogi, but, after playing Dragon's Nest and seeing how much better its overseers are at communicating and generally running the game, I decided to blame the Maple Team for everything wrong that happens with Nexon.

    For that reason, I'm pretty sure the company-wide server outage was a Maple GM's fault.

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    "Cross functional training" did it.

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    Servers are...up? 2 hours early? I just logged in and everything, it's like a goddamn miracle! In before USC, I suppose.

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    The damn servers are laggy again. I can't even log in.



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    I need to mine ores still... and sell NX...

    Just when I was about log on. Blah.


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    this looks more like "everything" crash ._.

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    I'm not sure what the parameters are for the icon to turn yellow...but should this be yellow?



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    Every dot is yellow or red now. I hear Mabi is down too, I wonder if all game servers will go down again?



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