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  1. Default Justice Coin Shop?

    Since the Legend shop is going away very soon... I'm now curious about the justice coin shop. I tried googling and digging around, but I could not find a list of all of the items in the justice coin shop or screenshots. Anyone have a list? Is anything in the shop even worth getting?

    I didn't look around TOO terribly much, so if it's in an obvious place, then derp for me.

  2. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    I'll go through it for you.
    It's getting updated a bit for Valentines day, but here it is as of now:
    First Tab

    Second Tab

    Third Tab

    Fourth Tab

  3. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    When is the Legend shop closing?

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    Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    should be the end of tomorrow or something

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    Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    Max has the full list (ctrl+f "David").

  6. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    All the events originally ended on the 31st, and I don't recall Nexon saying anything about extending that along with the ring event. I used all my coins tonight just in case Nexon fudged something up and it ended as soon as it turns midnight pst tonight.. Never know with them lately lol

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    Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    edit:nvm thought you meant justice.

  8. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    Fun fact: The Legends shop in kMS didn't close when Legends event ended. It actually stayed for a while.

  9. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    Most likely to prevent a mass maple rage of people who didn't spend their coins... ;)

    Now the question is if Nexon America will also be this smart... especially with all the downtime... :+)

  10. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    I was able to buy stuff at 12am, guess it'll be around til the next sc

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    Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    It's supposed to be active until the end of the day January 31st. That's still 13.5 hours away.
    If it's still around after that, then you can start speculating about how long it will remain.

  12. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    Oh, wow. Sooner than I expected to end (Legend Shop) -- I didn't notice that.
    Well, I guess I'm going to gather in all the coins I have and wrap up the R, P, S events on my characters and get what I need..

    The Justice Coin Shop looks freaking amazing. Now THAT is something. Finally, CUTE and permanent nick-nacks that we can keep like the PB Chair (Referring to the last tab).
    . w.

  13. Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    I'm more excited about the class specific books.
    /Not buying Ancient Warding for +100mill. Take that FM!

    A question though. If I make an Evan, will I be able to get the Magic Guard book from those class specific MMBs?

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    Default Re: Justice Coin Shop?

    Doubt so, because all those books do not exist in other servers except GMS.
    No one know if Nexon NA will add them in tho.



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