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    Okay so, x3 is on. I want to know what happens in the following situation.

    x3 Events, x2 card, Holy symbol, full party at LHC and Legends x1.3 buff. Does exp stop stacking at some point, which point will it stop, and what would I get out of this?

  2. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
    Job: Dual Blade

    Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    It's broken as hell lmao.
    You'd get roughly 9.4x with that set up.
    I should easily be able to do 185-200 in 2 2x cards with this server 3x thing.

  3. Spirit of the Arrow Bi Female
    IGN: MariettaRC
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Bowmistress
    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire

    Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    So the capping point is gone then? I remember before if you had too many experience buffs, they cancel out and give you like 1 EXP in return.

  4. Donator Straight Male
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    don't forget to buy an exp pendant for juuuust a little bit more exp!

  5. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
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    Guild: NEST
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    Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    And throw some Elven Blessing and Exp accumulation potions in there too ;)

  6. Euro Minicar Straight Male
    IGN: ZekkenAdele
    Server: Scania
    Level: 246
    Job: Adele
    Guild: DarkLily
    Alliance: Arcane
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    Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    guild exp buff, crusader 2% exp ring f3

  7. Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    HF with training during the server crashes every 30 minutes and Lagspikes that last for 2 minutes every 10 minutes... :?

  8. Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    huh, server doesn't crash, you just get the lag spike a lot. which then you have to stop attacking or dc

  9. Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    This morning I did 3x monster park runs- no D/C. Lagged only once for about 5 seconds max.

  10. Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    make a new character and use legends never give up 1.5 instead of legend shop 1.3 for moar

  11. Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    Ok, I confirmed the scenario that causes this. The primary Exp line (base exp) cannot be more than 10x the monster's original base experience. If that one line hits over 10x, then it gets reduced to 1 exp. The other lines are not capped since they are always calculated from the primary exp gain.

    Practical example, today me and 1 other person of equal level were in the stronghold at Adv Knight E (10k base experience each). 3x is on right now and we both had 2x cards to bring us to 6x. My partner also used a 1.5 Exp buff. That brings him to base 9x. Then we add HS to the mix which brings it to a total of 13.5x. This worked just fine when we were partied. However, once I walked out of the room, he started getting 0 and 1 exp. He turned off HS and was able to continue. (Without HS, he was getting 9x.) When we were partied, he was getting essentially 8x on his base line because of the party split. But without the split, the full 13.5x on the base exp line tipped the scales.

  12. Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    hs only modifies the base xp to 1.1x if you are alone...

    edit: oshi hasnt played bish since that happened

  13. Default Re: Experience, lolwut

    They changed/fixed that a while ago.



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