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  1. Default Bow weapon multiplier?

    I tried looking around for the table but the only ones found were pre chaos and everyone is saying its changed... Can someone link me to where the changes are shown in patch notes/extractions?

  2. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Can i get a source please?

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    Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    oorc after BB it was 1.2 but when * ascension hit it is 1.3(to rival xbows 1.35)

  4. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    lol bad example.

    I have a bowmaster.

  5. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Its not that i dont believe you, I also have a bowmaster.. two acutally... LunarDai/fallenValor.
    But i just want the actual source of where the changes were made so i can reference it.
    Its not that i disagree with you or anything, just need a source >.<

  6. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    You can't do the math yourself? Only a few weapons even changed multipliers.

    Albeit looking back at it, I'm not sure if it's 1.3 or 1.35.

  7. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Its not that, i just want the source of it being stated. Plus i woulda done the math too, however nexon deemed it to be a good idea to let the servers go to hell so i cant calculate everything..

  8. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Did it change since BB? Formula thread says 1.20, with crossbows at 1.35.

  9. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Danny, you need more street cred.

  10. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?


    OP is asking for sources from the site that sources come from.

  11. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    The irony is that the website that supplies it doesn't have the source..
    I already tried looking at extractions and all that stuff. Formula tables only go up to BB
    Chaos extractions dont give the notes of the updated changes...
    I just want the actual link or extraction that gives me the changes... Which i've already tried looking for

  12. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Are you even sure it changed? You sound pretty sure of it.

  13. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Now I know you don't have an understanding on how the game works.

    Yeah it did change. It's 1.3, 1.32 or 1.35.

  14. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    Pretty sure it's 1.3.
    Changed post-Chaos, was 1.2 post-BB


    1 attack glove, 1 attack pendant, 2 attack glasses, 99 attack bow, 17 attack blessing = 120 Total Attack

    ((554*4)+113)*(120/100)*1.3 = 3633

    @TS: Might want to lurk around for a bit and see what Locked has done on these forums. He's a credible source

  15. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    This is comming from the guy who could only state numbers and ignored the 2nd part of the original question which was give proof?
    I dont know if you're a troll or just really really... misunderstanding the point of this thread
    I know there was a change. What i want is the source.. You know the thingie where it tells you in extractions or patch notes that the change was made...? Its kinda like asking for evidence of what you present in a paper.. the actual place where you got your info...?

  16. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    I don't know how to break it to you, such as the comment I stated above that you don't know how the game works but the multipliers are not in the data or in the extractions. So your proof requirement when the game is down is pointless to argue with. The fact that you couldn't do the math is the same exact reason I couldn't provide proof. The game is down and the only way to prove it is mathematically. Get over the extraction for a minute and understand the difference on what the extractions do provide compared to what it doesn't. This thread might be a great direction to read.

  17. Default Re: Bow weapon multiplier?

    @ Kashimiya thanks for the info.
    @ Locked sorry for being an ass to you about this, but couldn't you of just said its not possible in the first place? Anyways thanks for the info.



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