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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Harrisonized's Guide for Misting Wolf Spiders

    Many FP mages seem to doubt that Wolf Spiders can potentially be one of the best training maps for FPs, if trainable at all, so I decided to make a guide, being the one of the very few FP ArchMages that still train at Wolf Spiders with Mist. Before reading, I suggest you maximize your browser, if possible. Also, if any of the links are break, please inform me. Questions, comments, and constructive criticisms are appreciated. Enjoy!


    This is a Wolf Spider:

    Exclusive Map
    Many people doubt this map is maneuverable at all. However, if done correctly, this map, compared to all other maps in maple, allows the most continuous flow of your character. A FP mage using mist at full speed will beat the speed of anyone at level 200, with only other ArchMages as an exception.

    Level: 80
    HP: 28,000
    MP: 350
    EXP: 1250
    Weapon attack: 450
    Magic attack: 490 <~ According to the data, spiders have 490 M.Att. However, spiders don't have any attacks.
    Weapon defense: 700
    Magic defense: 650
    Accuracy: 175
    Avoidability: 30
    Damage ranges from 14xx ~ 17xx depending on your W.Def.
    Status Conditions Available: Poison, Freeze, Seal, Slow

    I've personally found EVERY drop on here, so I can confirm that this droplist is accurate. (Yea, even the 70% scrolls). It's notable that Wolf Spiders have almost an identical droplist as Lycanthropes.

    Common equipment: White Seraph Cape, Strawberry Earrings
    Wolf Spiders also dropped (Yellow) Duck Tubes for a limited amount of time.

    Warrior equipment: Blue Screamer, Red Rivers Boots, Orihalcon Platine (M), Orihalcon Platine Pants (M), Purple Imperial, The Gold Dragon

    Bowman equipment: Blue Falcon, Red Anes (F), Dark Linnex (M)

    Magician equipment: Purple Enigma Shoes, Green Oriental Fury Coat (M), Green Galaxy, Red Requierre (F), [Kage] <~ Hidden Street's error

    Thief equipment: Blue Scarab, Brown Osfa Boots, Green Pirate Boots, Blood Nightfox

    Useable drop: Ilbi Throwing-Star, Dark Scroll for Pole Arm for ATT (70%), Scroll for Claw for ATT (10%), Dark Scroll for Spear for ATT (70%)

    Ect drop: Topaz Ore, Black Crystal Ore, Steel Ore, Wisdom Crystal Ore, Monster Card, Summoning Rock

    70% scrolls are the RAREST drop at wolf spiders. I've only found one of each in the 20 something levels that I've been here, so don't expect to find one.

    70% Dark Scroll for Spear for ATT
    70% Dark Scroll for Pole Arm for ATT


    Reason for Misting Wolf Spiders:
    • Excellent EXP (1.8~2.5M per hour) for FP Mages that cannot yet hit Skelegons at a 100% rate.
    • As good as, if not better than, sharks, which was the top FP training spot before Leafre. (The average person will get 60 rotations per hour or less at Spiders. If you can break 72 rotations an hour, it will be better than sharks, with 3M per hour. See below.)
    • Wolf Spiders have no dispel or other magic attacks, eliminating the chance of death
    • Wolf Spiders are small, allowing you to jump over them on slopes
    • They are easy to teleport through
    • They are heavily mobbed (35 spiders within the map)
    • They do lower damage than sharks or other training maps of similar EXP rates.
    • Spiders drop large money bags, around 850~1K per drop, which is great for FP Mages who used up all of their money
    • They drop a variety of equips that NPC for a lot of Mesos
    • They drop rare equips that can be sold for high prices, such as Scarabs and Ilbis (Screamers, not so much anymore)


    Using the data below, I have determined that Ilbis have a 1/20,000 chance (0.005%) of dropping from a Wolf Spider. IDK the rate compared to other places, but Wolf Spiders have the highest density (spawn / map size), thus is the best place to hunt for ilbis. The data is pretty consistent, since the number of rotations pretty much matched the average training time for an ilbi to drop. However, most people will get either 60 rotations or below.
    • When I ask my friends, they say that they barely make 60 rotations an hour. Using 60 as the multiplier, since there are 35 spiders in the map, thats about 2100 spiders killed per hour, or 2.5 mil exp per hour. (average of 9 hours per Ilbi.)
    • As I got better at it, (and maxed Mist, Explosion, and Booster), I found that as a third job mage, I can consistently get 72 rotations an hour. Since there are 35 spiders in the map, that's about 2450 spiders killed per hour, or 2.9 mil exp an hour. (average of 8 hours per Ilbi.)
    • As an Arch Mage (with Lv 12 Elquines, Lv 7 Fire Demon, and Paralyze), I can get about 80 rotations an hour. Since there are 35 spiders in the map, thats about 2800 spiders an hour, which equates to about 3.3 mil EXP per hour. (average of 7 hours per Ilbi.)



    Potions of Choice
    • Sorcerer Elixir: 1500 MP / 1500 Mesos
    • Mana Bull: 60% MP / 2800 Mesos
    • Unagi: 1000 HP / 1100 Mesos
    • Ginseng Root: 40% HP + 40% MP / 2100 Mesos
    • Ginger Ale: 75% HP + 75% MP / 3800 Mesos
    Before going, make sure you bought enough pots to last you however long you're training. Don't be cheap. Wolf Spider Cavern is a pretty crowded map, once you leave, you might not get your map back.
    Pot costs are NOT minimal, usually about 50~75 Ginger Ales (for me) an hour. However, since you'll be collecting around 400~500K an hour, you will be gaining much more Mesos than you're using.

    Equipments of Choice
    • A fast (4) wand or staff. The reason is that you need the faster explosion to gain better range on your explosion when you jumpcast. If you jumpcast with something like a Kage with a slow (7) rating, you'll probably hit the ground before your actual explosion goes off. You cannot use something else other than a wand or staff, because then you cannot use booster. The four mage weapons that are of fast (4) rating are the Hinomaru Fan, Evil Wings, Poison Mushroom, and the Zhu-Ge-Liang Wand. The Hinomaru Fan and Poison Mushroom are only available through Gachapon. The Zhu-Ge-Liang Wand is only available through the Grandpa Boss.
    • The reason I did not add these other gacha wands and staves is that they have the Fast (5) rating. They will cast slower than a Fast (4) staff or wand. I'd also like to point out that although Hidden Street says that the Celestial Staff is Fast, it actually is a Normal (6) staff, which is the same speed as something like a Magicodar.
    • Thank you to Faded for pointing out my error that the Hinomaru Fan and the Evil Wings are not the only Fast (4) weapons for Mages.
    • Speed or Jump scrolled shoes. It doesn't matter which one you have. If you have a speed shoe, then you'll move faster between teleporting and jump farther. If you have a jump shoe, you'll jump higher (and with enough jump, be able to skip teleporting the bottom and the top middle), allowing you to jumpcast more effectively. However, if you have a crappy keyboard (that doesn't jumpcast very well), I suggest a jump shoe. Personally, I have a 9 speed shoe, and I don't think it makes much of a difference, since the majority of your speed comes from your teleport. The only place you'll see a difference is climbing up the slopes, which you'd only two in two places in the map.
    • A helmet that helps with movement. Bone helm if you want, helps with the 8 speed and 5 jump. I don't wear one though because it's kinda ugly... If you do wear one, scroll it for either HP or INT. Pirate PQ Hat, if you have the level 90 one (500 PQs), although I think it looks ugly too. (And some people can't get it because they were 100+ before PPQ came out.) This hat adds 7 Speed and 4 Jump, which is one less than the bone helm, but it adds much more def and already has stats on it (+4 to each stat).
    • If you have a Zhelm, don't use the bone helm or a Pirate PPQ hat. Zhelm cuts about 100 damage per touch, which helps much more than the speed/jump of the bone helm or Pirate PPQ hat.
    • HP equipment. Since M.Att isn't necessary while misting (if you have maxed mist, all monsters should be at 1 HP or full HP), you should wear HP Equips (if you have them). If you don't have them, don't go out of your way to make one. Some cheap HP equips are HP gloves and HP PanLids. These two are ideal HP equips because Glove M.Att scrolls are somewhat expensive and Shield M.Att scrolls are insanely expensive. A scrolled Spiegelmann's Necklace also comes in handy here.
    • When people think about fast wands and staves, somehow, they only think that the Evil Wings and the Hinomaru Fan are the only staves that have the Fast (4) rating. Thus, they conclude, LukLess FP mages cannot utilize the full potential of their Explosion. I advise all LukLess mages wishing to mist spiders to wear the Poison Mushroom, because it is a LukLess staff, the only LukLess Fast (4) staff. This staff is available through Gachapon, and with only a 10 LUK requirement, it is the only Fast (4) staff that a LukLess mage can wear.
    • Thank you to Desires for pointing out that the Poison Mushroom is actually a LukLess staff. Initially, I didn't think it was a LukLess staff either.
    • If you are LukLess and you cannot afford a poison mushroom, I advise you to use a wear a Maple Weapon, such as: Maple Staff, Maple Lama Staff, Nocturnal Staff, Maple Shine Wand, or Maple Wisdom Staff, because you cannot use Booster with Umbrellas, which are one-handed swords. The Maple Weapons with the Normal (6) rating are the fastest weapons available to you (if you cannot afford a Poison Mushroom), so they should be your second choice should you not have access to a Poison Mushroom. I know this question will come up, so I'll address it now. Mages might want to consider the one handed swords that add speed, such as the Red Whip, the Maplemas Lights, the Pico-Pico Hammer, and now the Maple Umbrella. Note that these weapons cannot be used in conjunction with Booster, so you'd be having a trade off: easy jumpcasting for moving slightly faster. I don't think the speed helps much though because you'd be teleporting most of the time... there isn't much of the map that you need to walk, so I'd say don't use anything you can't use booster with.
    Extras (Unnecessary but Helps)
    • Speed Potion: 8 Speed / 400 Mesos (May be bought anywhere except for Masteria, World Tour, or Korean Folk Town)
    • Speed Pill: 10 Speed / 500 Mesos (Only in Ludibrium)
    • Leaf Crystal: 12 W.Att + 20 M.Att + 20 Def + 20 M.Def + 8 Avoidability + 8 Accuracy for 20 minutes / (Wolf Spider Quest)
    • Wizard Elixer: 20 M.Att for 8 minutes / 5000 Mesos


    General Advice:
    • Pot when you need to. It is advisable to set the HP and MP warning in accordance with your pots.
    • Always loot so that you do not lose money.
    • Do not EVER forget to cast Magic Guard.
    • Cast Booster as often as possible so that it does not run out.
    • Use Magic Claw on single targets, NOT Fire Arrow. The reason is that Magic Claw goes through walls, while Fire Arrow doesn't. Magic Claw is also slightly faster than Fire Arrow.
    • Magic Claw can be replaced with Mist if you are in a position not covered by Mist.
    • Have a somewhat decent range of Explosion (preferably 170% and up)
    • Jumpcasting on the slopes saves a lot of time. It is advisable to set explosion and jump next to each other. Wireless keyboards are very difficult to jumpcast on. If you have a wireless keyboard, buy a new keyboard.
    • Telecast whenever possible (places you don't jumpcast on). Telecast as soon as you hit land when you jumpcast to prevent being hit.
    • When using a priest for HS, let them sit on top (as in train them while they autocast HS). If you let them Shining Ray the bottom spawn from the safety spot, there's a chance they'll get YOUR ilbi. (Remember that you'll be doing the most damage to everything.)
    • It is advised that you invite your thief friends to haste you. Same rule for HSers also apply for Hasters. Train the thief, let them sit up top. Even though this may seem like a greater loss in EXP for you, even if the thief was attacking, then you'd still get around the same exp, although now the thief will have a chance at looting your ilbi.
    Fast Travel
    • There are three maps before Wolf Spiders.
    • In the Lobby, changing channels will bring you to the middle of the map.
    • In the Lobby, teleporting on the top of the small platforms will be faster than walking and jumping down the slope.
    • In the Diety Room, changing channels will bring you to the middle of the map (although a bit more towards the right).
    • In the Soul Corridor, changing channels will bring you directly to the top of the map on the portal.
    • Changing channels allows you to make a repot trip in as little as a minute and a half, or 90 seconds.
    Glitched Spiders
    There are two glitches involving spiders. The first glitch is that the name shows up under the monster, even if you have Monster Names turned off in your system options. This shouldn't affect you though. The second glitch is when a spider becomes invincible. Your attack will travel through the spider, not even producing a red "MISS". However, although you cannot attack the glitched spider, the spider can still touch you for damage. During glitched mode, the spider cannot be slowed, sealed, OR poisoned. The only way to kill one is to keep trying until the spider comes out of glitch mode. If you come across a glitched spider, just move on: don't try to kill it. Spiders don't stay in glitch mode forever, usually only 5~10 seconds at a time. When they come out of glitched mode, they'll be poisoned. Trying to kill one spider is a waste of time. A spider cannot be glitched when it jumps.

    Dual Channeling
    This was the older response from when the jump-down feature was not implemented yet.
    Wolf spiders, with the addition of the jump down feature, can be misted faster than ever. With the butterfly-route, I can complete cycles for less than 30 seconds, which indicates that dual channeling is indeed a possibility. Unfortunately, I have yet to test this because of all the hackers recently, and because of Wolf Spider Cavern being such a popular map.


    Note that the backgrounds are incomplete because that's just about all I can see. There are three different sizes for the images for convenience... 100% means no zoom in at all, or direct Screenshot size.
    • If you want to save an image, saving one of the 100% images is suggested. Though they are very heavy, they have the highest quality.
    • Otherwise, choose between the 50% sizes and the 33% sizes if you just want to view it in your browser.
    • The 50% maps are somewhat easy to see, have an decent resolution, but still don't fit inside the monitor.
    • The 33% maps are blurry but just fit the monitor.
    • I have removed the images for 100% and 33% size to prevent breaking the 50 image limit. However, you may still be able to view them should you click the link.

    Basic Map of Wolf Spiders
    This is just the basic map... I couldn't get some of the lines in the background to match up, since I tried to line up in game ScreenShots with the Rendered Map from the Map Render Request Station v2 (next section). The map, called Wolf Spider Cavern... looks like a spider. It's discouraging because of every platform being a slope.


    Rendered Map without Background and Spawn Locations
    These two maps may be found in: Map Render Request Station v2

    Rendered Map without Background


    Spawn Locations
    These are the spawn locations. Note that there'll never be that many Spiders in a map.
    From this map, you can see that the top right corner has much more spawn than the top left. What's interesting about this map is that the many of the spiders spawn on the spots where you would teleport to save time.



    [Old] Wolf Spider Route
    This is just for reference so that players know the effect that the jumpdown function had on the map.


    [New] Butterfly Route

    I used this format instead of my previous map format because I thought this kind of format is easier to follow. Each image is 575 x 350 pixels in size. I call it the Butterfly Route because when you follow the character on the minimap and make a line out of the path, you can see a shape that resembles a butterfly.

    There are three key shortcuts involving the Butterfly Route.
    • Jumpcasting is generally used with explosion in order to jump down the slopes while simultaneously attacking.
    • Downcasting is the same thing as jumpcasting, except that before you jumpcast, you press and hold the down button, so that the jump-down feature will let you fall through the surface while attacking.
    • Teleporting up the slopes to cut corners is probably one of the most difficult concepts to get, but the easiest to put into practice. Basically, make a 45% angle from you and the point you're trying to teleport on, and teleport. Teleporting up the slopes will allow you to cut the corners in the map.
    If all three are used in conjunction, there should be very little upwards walking and everything should fall into a smooth, continuous motion.

    If you wish to dual channel, jump down from the top to step 4 and cycle through until you reach the crevice at the bottom left on step 26. Whether or not you want to clear the bottom is up to you, but if you're going for speed, instead of using Explosion in step 26, you would CC as soon as your character stops "breathing" in the safe spot of the crevice.

    1. This is your start point. Use Mist and then use the (flame) teleport to go up to the middle platform.
    2. Instantly upon using the teleport, press explosion. Try as hard as you can to stay on that platform. After using the explosion, which should kill what's on the platform (assuming they're misted), quickly follow up with mist and teleport up to the top of the signpost. Using Mist while teleporting will prevent triggering the use of the (flame) teleport to go to the top of the screen.
    3. Use magic claw to defeat the enemies on the platform.
    4. Teleport onto the platform and move to the wall. Follow up with explosion to clear the mob which should have gathered on the wall.
    5. When the spiders are gone, use mist and teleport up the slope.
    6. Continue teleporting, as you will keep moving up the slope, and then use Mist in this location.
    7. Here's the tricky part. Downcast explosion. Press and hold your down button, then jam the jump and explosion buttons at the same time. In other words, jumpcast explosion while pressing the down button. It's notable to know that jumpcasting is easier when your character is facing DOWN the slope, which is why my character was facing the left side when the slope runs to the right.
    8. The explosion will detonate somewhere in midair, but will hit most, if not all of the spiders below you, unless they somehow got glitched, like that one that hit a miss on me. When you land, use mist and teleport to the left. This brings you somewhere near the top of the slope.
    9. Now since it's sloped, jumpcasting explosion should not be too difficult. The slope WILL propel you forwards when you successfully jumpcast explosion. If you are wearing a fast (4) staff like recommended in above, your explosion will detonate right before you land, making it safe for you.
    10. After you jumpcast explosion, use mist.
    11. And downcast explosion again. Any time you want to fall through a platform, downcast. It saves time.
    12. When you reach the bottom, there's a nice safe-spot waiting for you. Don't hesitate to use it. Notice that at the bottom, all of the misted monsters formed a nice little mob just for you. If I remember correctly, Lv. 1 Explosion is able to hit some of the monsters in that collected mob.
    13. When there's only a few left, jump off and finish them off when teleporting. Time is of the essence!
    14. Mist the area, and use the (flame) teleport to get back up to the middle. Notice this is once again... the starting point.
    15. Use explosion immediately upon reaching the platform. This prevents you from falling off by clearing some of the monsters that you have already misted.
    16. Use Mist and teleport to get onto the signpost.
    17. Use Magic Claw to defeat the enemy.
    18. Teleport onto the platform and move to the wall. Follow up with explosion to clear the mob which should have gathered on the wall.
    19. And... mist the area. Use Mist while teleporting up the slopes in order to save time.
    20. Downcast explosion, which will clear what's below you and increase your chances of a safer landing.
    21. Mist the area. Don't forget that Mist can also be used for single target if you do get it on a spare one.
    22. Jumpcast explosion to save time.
    23. Mist the area.
    24. And Downcast... again.
    25. Successful downcasting will allow you a safe landing. Had I not downcasted explosion, that spider would have hit me.
    26. Finally, your hard work brings you to a safe spot.
    27. And that brings you back to the starting point again.


    Motivational Ilbis:
    To this day, I still have no 2x exp OR 2x drop, nor do I use safety charms.
    Some of the Ilbis may appear out of order because I died.

    First Ilbi Ever Found!
    I was pretty excited. Found on October 9, 2007 6:13 PM

    Most Current Ilbi
    Hopefully, when I find another one, I'll remember to update this. Current one found on November 03, 2008, 8:13:24 PM PST (After a three-month break, I decide to go test out meteor...)
    -This isn't the last one. But I'm too tired at the moment to dig out my other Ilbi screenshots.

    Almost Everything In Between
    And somehow I'm still poor >.> (These aren't all. I forgot to screenshot three Ilbis and I've lost two Ilbis to KSers.)

    Some Relevant Threads
    The two kinds of threads that I consider relevant are 1) other guides and 2) questions about FPs and Wolf Spiders. In Chronological Order:

    Otay's Guide to Wolf Spider training! by Otay
    Wolf Spiders for Hermits by 0nc3or7w1c3
    Guide for icelighting at wolfspiders by zure
    misting at wolf spiders? by muffinsnevar (PermaBanned for MultiAccts fhuocmkework) New Acc Document1
    Mysting at Spiders by Harrisonized <~ My first attempt a long time ago
    ansang's Early Sniper Guide to Wolf Spiders by kwasanT
    f/p mage hunt ilbis? by G0Kevin <~ Spider Mist Route My second attempt at this
    Question about Wolf Spiders by Gantem
    FP Mage at WOlf SPiders by popAsquat
    Wolf Spiders - Where are the ilbis! by Kugato
    Ilbis? by SlipperASN
    Leech Prices at Wolf Spiders by HighKids
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  2. Default

    I see me peaching in one of your screen shots about Adura. :D
    And you forgot to add training a Hermit named Shinobi is really good for sex appeal. And she also sometimes does sexual favors if you give her your Illbis.
    Last edited by Ashley; 2008-07-11 at 03:54 AM.

  3. Harrisonized


    LoL! But then it'd be too much trouble because you told me that you had to have exactly one row of ilbis every time you buy them because of your OCD.
    And yes, I do see you peaching about Adura. That was the time you told me everyone in KoM got banned from SW. Lets see, I also trained you until you leveled.

  4. Lead Ball Male
    IGN: EastTimor
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 201
    Job: All of them
    Guild: Faith
    Alliance: Solace
    Farm: Travel


    whoa. thats a cool guide

  5. Default

    So you've found like 42 ilbis, Harrison? That's insane x_X

    Closest I have is 7 steelies: 3 from duals, 3 from YnP and 1 from Macis.

    The funny thing? I never trained at any of those places and found each steely in under 30 minutes of staying on the map (I like testing Inferno as plausible training spots, roflmao).

    As for the guide, its REALLY in depth and Im actually impressed how detailed it is. Very good job on it... makes me want to make a fire mage...

    Ps. Wanna come SE 20 hunting with me at sharks? xD (kidding)

  6. Default

    Woah. Grats on all those Ilbis, here in bello barely anyone trains at WS. So I could go repot and come back no problem.

    This is total motavation for my F/P to level.

  7. Harrisonized


    Hi Jack.
    Hehe, thanx for the gratz. I found all those without 2x too. I've never used 2x exp or drop cards im my life.
    And I've never found any steelies in my life. xD Didn't you find that ilbi at vikings in your training guide for archers?
    I haven't been to sharks in quite a while... but I could try sharking again.
    I hear that Pianus for SE is much better than sharks though.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2008-07-18 at 03:52 PM.

  8. Default

    Out of curiosity, how long ago did you get the 70% scrolls? Because I have logged well over 500 hours there without finding them, a lot of that on 2x or 4x drop

  9. Harrisonized


    Lets see.
    I found the 70% Spear Att on January 6, 2008 at 11:07 PM
    I found the 70% Pole Arm Att on January 28, 2008 at 4:47 PM
    I found my first Ilbi on October 9, 2007 at 6:13 PM
    It's July 15, 2008 11:17 AM right now.

    That means that I've only found one of each in the 9 months I've been at spiders. (without 2x drop). Rofl. It's that rare. I don't think I'll ever find another one.

    And I've been at spiders for thousands upon thousands of hours. In fact, from 100~129, MOST of the levels and exp were from spiders, which is pretty slow exp for FP past 100. It's about 5% an hour. The majority of the time I'm at spiders, I also let people leech me, so it's about 3~4% an hour.

    Also, I don't ONLY train at spiders. I die often killing bosses and without safety charms, every time I die, I need to train at spiders for about an hour and a half to regain the lost percentage.

    Hmm... if you were a FP mage, then you'd know how slow it is training at sharks past 100. That's pretty comparable to spiders without the fact that people are leeching you.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2008-07-15 at 02:25 PM.

  10. Default

    Nice guide with all the pictures and stuff! Would've definitely tried them out if I were lower level

    Question though... Poison Mushroom should be Fast (4), no?

    I used it on my lukless FP and it looked as fast as Evil Wings.. I compared it with a friend of mine, who used Evil Wings ;)

  11. Harrisonized


    You're right. Sorry about that. I always assumed that all the Gacha wands were Fast (5), but looking at the sauna now, it says fast (4).

    I updated it. Thank you.

    I also fixed the broken links.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2008-07-18 at 03:59 PM.

  12. Default

    *cough cough cough*

    Really in-depth training guide. I love how you put all sorts of pictures and diagrams into your guide. So you've been training here for pretty much 29 levels? That's hawt.

  13. Harrisonized


    Oops... I copied it directly from SW so yea...
    Sorry about that. I changed that part of the guide. Thanks for pointing it out.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2008-07-23 at 02:47 AM.

  14. Default

    Nice guide =P. I wish I had a lvl 70+ f/p mage =(

  15. Default

    Couldn't you use a Yellow Umbrella? Anyways great guide. You put a lot of effort into this, Its very obvious.

  16. Harrisonized


    Answers in bold.
    Last edited by Harrisonized; 2008-08-01 at 11:33 PM.

  17. Default

    Lol. When I was writing that, Something in my mind was saying its probably stated somewhere in there. Sorry.

  18. Default

    Nice guide, well thought out, planned, organized, etc. You even have ilbis drop rate! wowowowow. Very detailed. You found your first ilbi on my birthday. O_O

  19. Harrisonized


    Thanks for the complement. And (Early) Happy Birthday! (or late )

    Anyways, since this thread is near the top of the list anyways (unlike the SW version, which is buried), thank you to Desires (from SW) for pointing out that the Poison Mushroom is actually a LukLess Fast (4) staff. Looks like LukLess aren't so screwed when it comes to misting, eh?



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