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Thread: [Zenith] Free: A few mastery books

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    Satellite Safety 25 - Mech
    Super Transform 20 - Bucc
    Exploding Arrows 20 - Wild Hunter
    Wild Arrow Blast 20 - Wild Hunter
    Wild Arrow Blast 20 - Wild Hunter
    Sonic Roar 20 - Wild Hunter
    Meteor Shower 30 - F/P Arch Mage
    Magic Mastery 20 - Evan
    Soul Stone 20 - Evan
    Hypnotize 20 - Corsair
    Overswing 20 - Aran
    Combo Tempest 30 - Aran
    Taunt 20 - The adventurer thieves
    Venemous Star/Stab 30 - The adventurer thieves
    Barricade Mastery 20 - Demon Slayer
    Demon Cry 20 - Demon Slayer

    First come first serve, offer only available for 4th job classes that the respective book can actually be used on.
    If you want to pay for something or just swap out for a Mercedes/Battle Mage/Bishop book, I wouldn't complain. :v

    Edit: I'm going through all my characters and junk for the evo rings, so if you can't find me online as PrinnyMask try these:

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    Added some more books, figured I'd give the topic a bump so the fellows who checked here already know to check again.



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