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Thread: 1&1 Potions!

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    Hello! I am grinding away to earn 3 70 potions. I was thinking of using them on a Phantom or on a KoC or on a UE...

    Would using all 3 on one character be redundant?

    I cannot find any informative graphs or charts of the exp curve post revamps.

    How far will 3 Potions get me compared to 2? What type of results would I get on a KOC? What if I took at at level 50 (UE)

    How are you using yours?

    Thanks ^.^

  2. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
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    You can't use it on phantom.
    A lv 70 potion on a lv 1 char gets you to level 69 60%(unless you use the level 30 potion too)
    2 level 70 potions on a level 1 char gets you to level 81
    3 gets you to ~85
    A level 70 potion gets you from 50 to ~74.
    Also, there's some weird glitch with the potion storing exp past level 70.
    Happened to me on my first demon slayer, but haven't been able to replicate it, so it might be patched.
    I got my demon slayer to 70 50% before receiving the potion, and using it on a clean lv 30 char brought me to 70 50%

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    Are you grinding for the sole purpose of getting the potions?
    Because that makes no sense. You're going to the trouble of leveling a char to 70, to save yourself the trouble of leveling a char to 70?
    As for higher levels, that makes even less sense. Levels 70-81 usually take less time than 1-70, for the simple reason that a level 70 needs far less kills to get the same amount of exp.
    The potions might be useful if you want to make a char that can't level itself (like a HP-build PG-warrior), and of course you might as well find a use for them if you do need the chars you're currently grinding on for link skills.

  4. Won't Be Coming Back Male

    IGN: Biades4hire
    Server: Windia
    Level: 19x
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    Well, leveling a demon slayer to 70 is much much faster than, say an archer or assassin.

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    I'm using my Mercedes 1+1 potion for my Crossbowman and my DS 1+1 potion for my Mechanic.

  6. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: 1&1 Potions!

    i also got 2 70 potions saved, just in case i need em in the future.

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    I am making the characters for the Link Skill;
    Are we sure they do not work on Phantom?

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    Source? I thought the potion specifically said that it did not work on another Legend character, whereas the Phantom is a Justice one.

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    I think someone from kMS confirmed it didn't work on Phantom? I can't say for sure though, but I do remember reading somewhere else on here that they couldn't be used on Phantom.

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    I have confirmed they did not work in KMS :(

    I guess I will use 2 on a Thunder Breaker and then one on a UA Bandit

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    I believe Locked said any new character created after the 1+1 event couldn't qualify for the EXP Potions.

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    I saved up my potion from my Cannoneer for future classes in kMS. When Phantom came out, I xfered the potions to storage and it told me I couldn't use it.

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    Kinda off topic but...

    does that mean you're making the legends for the link skills or do Phantoms have a link skill, too?

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    Phantoms have their own link skill as well. I believe it's +10% Crit.

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    It was supposed to mean that I only made my Cannoner for its link skill but yes, Phantoms also have a link skill.

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    can you use like half of the potion on one character and then move the remaining EXP to another character to use? I want to use some of my demon slayer's potion on himself and then move it to my thunderbreaker to get to level 100.

  17. Default Re: 1&1 Potions!

    No, once you use a potion it becomes un-transferable. Or maybe even when it's taken out of storage? I can't remember which, but I know for sure you can't use the potion on multiple characters.

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    I don't think the exp for 1-70 will be of any use for going 99->100
    It's too little exp for that level that you could easily work it yourself.



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