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  1. Default Since a Mechanic with 999k siege mode is > than a mercedes with 999k x 2 hurricane.

    Why is it that no one in kms, has gone about making a mechanics to solo bosses with 999k x 6 siege mode all the way.

    Seriously curious.

    Similarly for GMS.

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    Siege mode its weak ass (% wise) compared to the mercedes hurricane i guess?

  3. Euro Minicar Straight Male
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    pretty sure its cause a mech takes FOREVER to move its robot, while mercedes can just hop around

  4. Default

    Because its easier to get 999,999 on a Mercedes due to the fact that they have more potentialable items, More Watt availability, and MUCH better self-buffs than a Mechanic has.

    +The robot is slow as molasses, as opposed to Mercedes is quick as lightning.

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    Isn't Siege Mode 3rd job like 100% a bullet with a delay of 720 ms and Ishtar's Ring is 110x2 with a higher critical chance and a probably faster delay?

  6. Default

    I mean imagine a 999k siege mode mech soloing chaos zakum or chaos horntail or even the empress as compared to a mercedes?

  7. Default

    Well isnt siege mode 100% crit with imba delay of 60 ms? or is it 120 ms?

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    The point is that Mechs simply do not have enough useful buffs on their own to completly hit 999,999 per hit with siege mode, combine that with their hard-to find equips (Pirates are one of the hardest to get godly% equips for), The fact that they are slow, and that a Dual-Bowgun can achieve much higher att fully scrolled than a gun can, Mechanics are simply the worse choice in this situation.

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    What about those decent CO, decent bless decent SI thing and that 1.5x blue attack buff - not sure what is it called.

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    CO isn't all that helpful in terms of getting more damage. One bonus skill point isn't a lot. I don't think Siege Mode will be effected by SI and Bless could work but not by a lot to get that 999k, even with the attack buff.

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    ok I mean kms can easily come up with a 300k+ range mech since they can fund a 500k + range merc.

    Anyway with 18x k range one can do 470k + crits at siege mode, so a 360k + range can easily do 999k x 6 siege modes.

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    Again, As i mentioned before, its is ALOT harder to get a higher range for a Mech than it is a Merc, The damage multipliers for Watt are much different for each of those classes. 500% dex for a Merc is enough because the damage multipliers are different, But you might need 600-700% for a Mech to get even 360k Range. Thats what im trying to tell you. Merc are better because they have more buffs/better multipliers/more equips

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    yup, anyway that mech is considered somewhat funded in tms to be able to wash to 90k+ hp.

  14. Default

    I guess. GMS/KMS removed the ability to HP wash so thats really not applicable anymore sadly.

  15. Default

    well maybe the dbs that solo-ed empress will be able to do a 999k phantom blow soon.

  16. Default

    That's ChinaMS, not KoreaMS. I don't know what happens or what they have in that server and CMS doesn't even have Union.

  17. Default

    Meh. I dont see the appeal in wasting thousands of dollars just to hit the same damage infintely.

  18. Default

    No, that's TMS, thailand ms or taiwan ms, I believe

  19. Default

    Yup I agree to a large extent, but prolly these people would have their equips free from merchanting on mts.

  20. Default

    I forgot those existed.



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