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Thread: Resident Evil

  1. Default Resident Evil

    It's going to be revealed today at 5pm EST. I'm totally excited. So far, all we know is that it's going to be set in different places around the world, which will definitely include China. On top of that, Chris and Leon will both be playable with their own partners. Each of them are going to get their own storylines, that will cross at some point. Ada Wong is also going to be in the game to some capacity.

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    I'm ... speechless. OMG.

    And both Chris and Leon... and Jill... OMG. This + Revelations + ORC. Finally Capcom, you are doing it right.

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    They're also making a REHD collection disc that will include RE5 gold edition, RE4HD and Code Veronica HD. Pumped for that since I'm not downloading large games off the PSN.

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    this :D

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    It's not, they said they were going to be going back to "the roots" and it's going to be "brutally scary". While I for one, enjoyed the crap out of Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 4 was much, much better.

  8. Brick
    IGN: BushidoClown
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    OMFG YES. I didn't even know what to be extremely excited for this year and NOW I KNOW. Seems so far away and I can't wait. Looks like so much fun. I know I'll love every moment.

    And LOL I love when people hate on RE5 but say RE4 is good (I like them both, for the record; RE5 is just better). That one always gives me a laugh. RE4 is the game that freakin' started the trend that people like to bandwagon hate (too much ammo, more "action," smarter enemies), but they all seem to conveniently forget that. Yes, RE5 does have wayyyy too much ammo so it's never really "scary" because you don't feel you have to run from anything or back down. But RE4 is exactly the SAME, and it has a much worse story and it introduced the Las Plagas. RE5 just, unfortunately, kept the bad elements RE4 spawned, but it has a much better story...everything. It's a lot more fun. And that's all that really matters in the end.

    RE6 is gonna be one helluva ride.

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    I'm jizzing pretty pineappleing hard, everywhere. Even if it isn't as scary as the older games, who the hell cares. The actions looks a lot better than 5.

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    It looks like it's going to be pretty awesome. I love the new Leon, since he looks less like a pretty-boy and more like a MAN.

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    I was already excited enough with the Revelations demo and Retribution trailer both coming out today, and now THIS???? I think I just had a fanboy heart attack.

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    It's easily going to be the year of Resident Evil.

    Resident Evil: Revelations
    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    Resident Evil: Retribution
    Resident Evil 6

    Beyond excite.

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    i just want the backpack back, please!

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    I'm such a huge goddamn RE junkie it's ridiculous. This looks for pineappleing good. Looks like they really took advice from the good ol' move and shoot suggestions and figured out a way to make it work in the game.

    ALSO HELL TO THE pineappleING YEAH THAT LEON IS BACK. I'm soooo pineappleing excited it's bloody crazy. Hoping for merchant comeback.

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    They're both bad and you should feel bad.

    RE6 looks promising at least...not gonna get too excited.

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    So basically, you'd rather have terribad controls over good gameplay? My mind is boggled.

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    What are you even talking about? There was nothing wrong with classic RE controls. Unless you were clinically retarded.

    RE 4 & 5 aren't even real RE games. Both are plagued by crappy QTE cut scenes and ammo out the ass which severely weakens any sense of "survival horror" that might've been there. As far as I'm concerned 4 and 5 were just RE: Hollywood editions.



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