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    So did anyone get this? This game is so good.
    Even though I only played the first level for like 2 hours.

    For the fans of N+ and SMB, this game seems similar in the kind of platforming.

    Music is great as well :D.

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    If you enjoyed N+ or Super Meat Boy, you will like this game.

    I have now spent 3 hours on TWO levels. Level 1 and 2 at that.

    Why is the dev so gdlk in his speedruns ;~;

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    I really want this game, but I cannot afford it right now .__. I will have to wait I guess ><

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    YEAHHH I can sleep tonight.

    [htbx]Lifeformed is the dev for the game, fyi.

    EDIT: Or not since my time isn't even legit anymore. I just found out my game runs like 30% slower than normal. -Sigh-
    EDIT2: Or not again. Tried running the game this morning and it's fine. I guess it was fraps that made it run slower or something when I was recording o_o;
    Well, since I had already recorded my run, I might as well upload it:
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    I may get this, being a fan of IWBTG (never actually finished it, damn Mother Brain) and SMB (still playing every now and then). Dunno when I'd buy it though.

    Asking it here too:
    People who have played this, does the game offer fun outside of the time attack OCD?

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    The game requires you to SS (ie. Clear all dust with full combo w/o getting hit or falling into a pit; it's actually quite lenient in terms of the time before combo runs out) some levels in order to unlock the further levels of a specific area. Meat boy doesn't do this so you can essentially truck through the game at your own pace. Dustforce makes you try to learn how to efficiently complete a level.

    So if you like going at your own pace and don't want to spend time trying to beat a level efficiently, this game offers quite little.

    An area typically has around 4-5 regular levels. There are then 3 or 4 unlockable (silver doors) levels that you get from SSing the regular levels. Then there are 2-3 more levels (gold doors) that you get from SSing the silver doors.

    The regular doors are the levels that you can easily clear. Silver doors require a little more concentration to survive through. Gold doors are your SMB levels. The game does give you checkpoints as well so that helps if you just want to clear a stage and be done with it.

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    The controls are a bit wonky at first. Ctrl is dash, Z is jump, X is attack, and C is heavy attack. Going from MS > This throws me way off. .___.

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    This for PC? i may give a try someday.

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    You can change the button layout in options lol

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