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  1. Default Sketches & Unfinished

    Thief Resistance, sexy

    Rogue for a game idea

    Girl with lollipop


    Head of a girl

    Nexon Mechanic contest entry

  2. Default


    The Thief Resistance gal I started today, I'm working on it. But first, I have to make a wallpaper.

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    Dem bewbs. <3

  4. Default Re: Sketches & Unfinished

    Yup, them boobs and sketchy mechanic.

    Here's a cool idea I had the other day:

    Plays like a shooter (screen doesn't stop moving) and like Zelda SNES.

  5. Default Re: Sketches & Unfinished

    Loose..dude I remember you from BannedStory forums way back. You are still on those boobs like there is no tomorrow.
    Good stuff. n_n

  6. Default Re: Sketches & Unfinished

    The Binding of Maplestory is what it would be like imo.

    Kill stuff, Keep moving forward, gain level ups, hp/mp instant-potions etc

  7. Default Re: Sketches & Unfinished

    Haha this looks sweet. I really love your style. And its funny how the game idea you had reminds me a little of TBOI.


  8. Default Re: Sketches & Unfinished

    Looks so much like Zelda and The Binding of Isaac. And because of that, it's already goddamn awesome!
    And cute! :O

  9. Default Re: Sketches & Unfinished

    Made some icons.

    And yes, I've been playing some Bindings of Isaac lately, the lady friend has been the reason. She's so influential.

  10. Default Re: Sketches & Unfinished

    It's such an awesome piece. Worth playing all the eleven or twelve times required to unlock all the endings. The amount of items is something that makes the game itself so nice to be played, if you're making a game, be sure to add a crapload of power ups! :>



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