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  1. Default The new rings from akyrum

    Looking for any corrections to what I think is true about the rings

    1. The rings drop in recipe form only

    2. They drop from akyrum only

    3. You can only wear 1 set at a time i.e. You cannot wear the immortal hero set and the eternal hero set at the same time (total of 4 rings)

  2. Default

    3. I think that's false, but no use getting 2 sets in the first place

  3. Default

    1 and 2 are true.

    I don't know about 3, though I can't see why you wouldn't be able to, as they are two different sets.

  4. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: Brandonaught
    Server: Scania
    Level: 212
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: Chrono
    Alliance: Chrono
    Farm: Sheep GYM


    i have a hunch getting the rings will be very difficult, about as difficult as getting a manon familiar card.

    3. I dont think these rings work like the rings from the lvl 70 events.

  5. Default

    Since they're all potentiable, I think they're better than evo rings and etc.

  6. Default

    They are. Potential is almost always better than non-potential.

  7. Default

    If you wanted to use that argument you might as well get an allmighty ring. All two ring sets would get you is the +25 all stat bonus twice plus whatever is on the ring itself.

  8. Water
    IGN: JerrysHero
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Imperious
    Alliance: TheAlmightys


    I rather the 25 all stats and 10 attk/mattk(one ring comes with 2 attk/mattk) if both rings are equipped and have pot stats over an almighty ring with no attk/mattk.

  9. Default

    It isn't attack/magic attack. It's attack OR magic attack.

  10. Water
    IGN: JerrysHero
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Imperious
    Alliance: TheAlmightys


    I know and that's what I meant to do:(

  11. Default

    Still, i don't think an extra set of rings that only get you another +25 all stats is more effective than an allmighty ring/crit ring and an evo ring.

  12. Water
    IGN: JerrysHero
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Imperious
    Alliance: TheAlmightys


    Lucky you, I only have two 17 rings, resistance ring and ABR. Sacrificing one evo ring and the resistance ring would work well for me. Instead of 10 all stats and 7 mattk: it would be 25 all stats and 12 mattk, let alone both rings will be potable which is needed since none of my rings have that.

    For your situation though, current set-up seems the best/better then mine currently.

  13. Default

    if you can afford the immortal ring set, the extra 25 stats will benefit you more than almighty/crit ring, due to your total potential stats(assuming you have w/m.atk and %stat ratio even)

  14. Default

    I don't have an allmighty ring, nor do i think it's worth it given it's stats compared to immortal hero. It seems you think i have one when i don't. Just clarifying.

    I would replace my ABR and an evo ring on my bucc, move the evo ring to my cannoneer, and take off the legendary ring on him to make room for two sets of rings on both characters. Rather not have to cube 8 rings to legendary when i already have to do 4.

  15. Default

    wasn't it +15 all stat lol

  16. Default

    Each ring's 5-all, plus set bonus of 15 (and the matk which isn't helpful)

  17. Default

    I guess it would depend from class to class then, since crit ring gives me a static 4.19%, while if I cubed the eternal hero ring to 9%. I would only gain approx a bit less 3% advantage since my dex by then would be around 200%+100%(default), also since I scrolled almighty ring with attack, with it's 1 slot it should count as enough to beat 5/5/5/5 considering it began with 2/2/2/2 anyways. I have total of 1.5k dex pre potential which means 20 to all(set+1 more ring) would count for about 1.3% more stats. In the end it would give me 4.339% total, but then considering that 9% dex is a bit lower than 3% total boost they are about even. When you think about it. If I upgrade some more items, it makes the almighty+crit combo better again, since crit is static and almighty ring is better than 1 of the rings obviously. It's just really a matter of 10% crit chance.vs.20 to all, you can still scroll the 2nd eternal hero ring with attack. But with only 3 slots. you are barely going to get anything anyways, and even if you do you are barely going to get 1% total boost anyways.

  18. Default

    Is it possible to wear say 2 immortal sets at the same time? i.e. you wear the 2 rings for the set bonus, then you put on another set of those exact 2 rings

    Trying to figure out what would be the best 4 ring combo.

  19. Default

    If I recall correctly they were all unique equippable items, so you cannot wear two of the same ring. You can however wear the the two sets at the same time.

  20. Default

    unique equipped items, so no



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