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  1. Default Was Ho-Ho-Ho! Trophy ever given?

    I got the Magpie Mapler Trophy compensation, but never got the Ho-Ho one.

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    This is correct, unfortunately.

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    Should be S/C tomorrow, Perhaps a fix Ho-Ho-Ho! will come with it. I'm anxious to get this one of the few remaining trophies left..

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    You lose a total of 40 coins from that trophy alone, let's hope they fix it.

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    Coins, who cares about coins? You miss out on the chair without that trophy.

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    Yeah, because that ugly ass chair that gives absolutely no bonus is better than things that actually benefit your character. :|

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    Well, if you want to get that way. You also lose coins from the final trophy. And a chair is as much benefit to a character as 40 coins are.

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    The only way to get coins right now is afking for an hour to get 1, or a slim chance to get it from a dragon box. Also doing 5 pqs/PVP/Monster Park for a single coin, once per day.

    Seriously, I need those coins.

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    Can't believe no one has said this yet, but...
    No-no-no, the trophy was never given.
    Sorry, I had to D:

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    Yeah, the trophy wasn't given, but free 5000 charm a day is a much more important issue!



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