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  1. Default Resistance Potion/Elixir of Fortitude

    Does anyone know if this potion is dropped in GMS. It's listed as a drop from HT under the name resistance potion but i have yet to see any in the fm; unfortunately the coin shop does not carry it either.

    Elixir of Fortitude (Status Resistance +30%) x1
    - Superior Empty Bottle x1
    - Juniper Berry Seed Oil x10
    - Superior Item Crystal x3
    - Philospher's Stone x1

    Sorry for not posting in the Profession thread, it said i wasn't allowed.


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    Is this what you're looking for?

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    Yea it is! How did you get it if you dont mind me asking?

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    Isn't it from the coin shop?

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    Pretty sure it was a drop from Zakum.

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    Yep! I checked the monster book to confirm and it shows up their, thanks for your help.



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