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  1. Default Best VNC Program for Maple?

    Okay, so I work in an office at my dad's company. And I'd like to conveniently access Maple through my computer at home without having to install it. I've VNC programs before, but I was wondering what is the BEST VNC program for playing Maple through another computer? (e.g. TeamViewer, RealVNC, etc.) I'm asking in terms of best quality, and stability.

    If you know what I'm talking about, what would you recommend? o:

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    I think VNC programs are the worst way to play Maple from another PC.
    Why don't you just put it on an external HDD or a flash drive.

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    The latency is way to big for maple be playable, the most you can do on maple with a vnc software is maybe check your store.

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    Yeah I don't think it would be doable. I've tried it through TeamViewer with everything that would cause lag disabled/turned off and it's still not very stable. You could use it to transfer or other things that don't require much movement but that's about it.

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    Yeah, I guess it's not a good idea. o:
    And I think that's an excellent idea! I have a 1.5 TB External, I could just use that. LOL..

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    Your dad's company won't take kindly to playing games on their network, assuming it's a semi-large company.

    Try I've wanted to try it for a while but never had the chance.

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    Even over LAN at 100Mbps, I couldn't get an VNCs to capture Maple properly. Login screen went ok, but as soon as it went ingame it'd only update every couple minutes.

    Screencast stuff went better (albeit at poor quality) but doesn't send keyboard the other way.



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