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    Two seasons, 3 episodes per season that are 90 minutes each. Last episode aired today and I just finished watching it. I have to say, it's probably the best TV Series I've ever seen, not that I watch a lot. Actors are quite fantastic and it's a very great change of pace to the crime drama garbage like CSI and whatnot.

    Not going to post any spoilers since it's a Crime Drama, and spoilers basically ruin everything, but the show is just Sherlock Holmes based in modern times.

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    Watched the entire first series today actually. Absolutely fantastic and the episodes are actually based on real Sherlock Holmes stories. It's written by the same person who writes Doctor Who and I was just drawn into these. Definitely recommend, but I neeeeeed to find the second series somewhere, I NEED IT.

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    Oh hey, I just finished watching the last episode today. I love it, their Mycroft is way more awesome than the one in the Game of Shadows movie.

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    I agree, this Mycroft is much better, though originally the character never had much in the stories.


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    I personally thought season 2's first episode was the best episode. Really good showing of great acting, especially between Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler.

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    Watched series 1 today, absolutely loving it. Hopefully they put season 2 up on Netflix when they put it out on DVD later this month.

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    But I want need to know: how?
    I'm sure I'll get over it, but right now I'm not looking forward to the year-plus wait on the next season.

    I also thought the first episodes were the best of their seasons, though more so in terms of plot and characters. Especially season 2's; Irene Adler just adds buckets of UST and fun to the whole thing.

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    Just finished watching Hounds of Baskerville. It's all quite amazing, and I love how much if a plantain Sherlock is.

    I also want to stroke his hair. ;o;

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    I thought that Hounds of Baskerville was a bit too farfetched for this type of story, though I suppose the original had its own flaws as such as well. It was a very interesting take on it though.




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