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  1. Default boss % on force shield and normal warrior shield

    is tat posible for current version GMS had boss % on force shield and normal warrior shield?

    reference link :

  2. Default

    There is a 200 DS in bello with a 40%/30%/12%total force shield.

  3. Default

    Can you potential / scroll a force shield? What happens if it blows up? Do you get another one for free? o.0

  4. Default

    level 120 force shield comes pre-potentialed i believe.

  5. Default

    Hmmm, but what if you blow it up with enhancement scrolls? o.0

  6. Default

    You can't enhance the DS shields, AFAIW.

  7. Default

    You can't scroll them normally so I don't see why you'd be able to enhance them either. Tried a cube on mine and got +6 STR, +6 ATT, so good enough for now xD

  8. Default

    Would an epic potential work on the shield?

  9. Default

    It's actually 9% str (if talking about retraces)

    @Above: Idk, but it's the only type of boom scroll possible on it (maybe innocence too). Is it even possible to drop the shield? If so, then nexon might have put a quest in there that gives you your (clean) shield back if you happen to lose it.



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