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    I couldn't find an appropriate image response, so instead I'll just go with


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    Is this even a real article? I see nothing on the supposed defendant's website about this. Interesting.

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    It appears to be a legit website, at the very least.

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    And also here:
    You know what "that one maple hacking site who's name I am too stupid to know not to try to say because clearly I'm too dumb to read the rules on sharing hacking related" means.

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    I actually posed this on their forums. It got like 10 posts within 10 mins but was immediately deleted lol. I was also banned

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    Never heard of the 2nd site, this will be very interesting...

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    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
    Level: 181
    Job: Captain
    Guild: LoveOfCari
    Alliance: LoveOfCari


    Google'd it and it appears to be one website which provides tools for the first one.

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    Well it's legit then. Hope they get the sweet justice they rightfully deserve.

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    That indeed true. The main one provides a botting program which you pay to gain acess

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    Not that I expect anything to come of this. It'll just make these sites go underground. We'll still have to deal with the same hacking bull pomegranate we always have. Just on a smaller scale, maybe.

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    The forums are very active with almost 90k members and 1000 online at any given time. I HOPE something will come out of this

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    and I heard bizzaro makes over 10k dollars/month by only selling his trainer.

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    My friend just told me about this...I wonder whats really going to happen..and my initial reaction is &

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    It is not like they could possibly win against Nexon in court either. Nexon could just roll over on them with their vast funds and bury the site owners for the rest of thier days.

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    "Ryan Michael Cornwell" <<< What a nerd!

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    unless they go to jail, sueing won't stop the hacking. Nexon need to fix the game before trying to blame other for every pomegranate that happen on maple.

    perfect example is: sony sued geohot, did it stop people from hacking ps3? no.

    it will stop people from making trainers for maple? no.



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