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  1. Default Dark Metamorphosis Not Working

    Describe the problem. Be as specific as possible!:

    When I use Dark Metamorphosis, it doesn't give me 2 orbs and total damage range. It only gives me a few more Max HP. Any other Demon Slayers have this problem as well?

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    Yes, the skill itself is broken for everyone, unfortunately.

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    It also pains me when people don't know about this and throw 10+ SP into the skill :(

    At least it's the only broken skill for Demon Slayers, so I can live without the damage boost for a while.

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    well , i got the free book for it :(
    guess it will be maxed when they decide to fix it

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    I hope they fix it because that's the free skillbook I wanna get.

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    thank nexon for sp resets...

    i purposely put 15 in to pass the 30 book (or try) and reset them back to mastery =/

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    Insult to Injury/Evil Torture and Decent Advanced Bless aren't working either.

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    IoI isn't working either? Interesting...

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    I thought it was weird my damage looked the same for Carrion despite having higher level IoI.

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    insult to injury works fine, my demon impact goes up from 75~80ks to 90~100ks when i cry or use binding. 5% def reduction cant account for that.

    however, i have heard something about breath not starting its poison until you stop

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    Bad skills to test IoI out IMO. You're better off using Breath or having a friend throw status effects on monsters and going from there.

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    Also, Advanced Bless was something I heard via hearsay so I'm not sure if it's true. Easy to test though.

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    F'uck, I got that mastery book.

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    Is the Dark Meta boost supposed to apply to your range or is it invisible? I really feel a difference when it's active but maybe I need to look again.

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    It should buff the range shown in the character stat window since it's an active buff that applies % damage.

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    unfortunately...nexon appears to be slow w/ fixing skill least in my experience

    Bless and insult to injury works perf fine btw

  17. Default Re: Dark Metamorphosis Not Working

    Here's something interesting.
    I was talking to an old friend of mine who quit vanilla maple and currently frequents various private servers, and apparently there's a version 1.05 one using absolutely no modified client data, and on that server, dark metamorphosis works perfectly fine!

    So perhaps the problem with dark metamorphosis isn't client side, but server side?
    As in the server recieves the packet that you cast the buff, but doesn't know what to do with it other than the hp boost?

    I just thought this was pretty interesting, and rather funny that where nexon's slacking, the people who run the private servers are picking up the pace.
    They should hire some of the people who work on those to work for the company itself, they obviously understand the client better than the actual team itself, ha.

  18. Default Re: Dark Metamorphosis Not Working

    or maybe they took its efeect out on purpose, seeing how OP DS' are already..add in 35% total damage

  19. Default Re: Dark Metamorphosis Not Working

    Crossposting from nexon forums. GodEmperor = Me, TyIer = one of their community responders.

  20. Default Re: Dark Metamorphosis Not Working

    So nerf Demon Slayers, yet keep Mercedes fully intact when they're even more OP?

    @Above, I hope they fix it soon. It pains me every time I see Demon Slayers use the Meta buff on themselves, because they believe it works, or don't know it's broken.



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