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Thread: [Scania] S> Useful SI

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    Default S> Useful SI

    2 PSoK's
    7 B collateral

    you make sure you have 200M, the 7B collateral, and 170 dex without any gloves equipped
    you gift me the karma for the glove.
    i trade the glove for the collateral and the 200M
    you do the usual mumbo jumbo in PVP
    you come out, make sure you have the skill glitched
    karma the glove
    trade it back for your collateral

    i'll charge 200M +2 psok's, i'm charging a bit less than dinosaurfood because my collat is of 7 bil, i'll be most of the time on shinkudragon or diabulos, feel free to PM me here or on basil, service time will be around 4~6 PST upwards, below a pic of the glove

    (i already equipped it, so ignore charm and stuff)
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  2. Default

    I can vouch that this person is a legit seller. Transactions went through smoothly got the service myself.



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